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I think i just got robbed by Funcom



  • stragen001stragen001 Member UncommonPosts: 1,720
    Originally posted by Hurko
    First time poster here.  Never really knew about these forums until the free offer for an in-game T-Shirt in TSW.  That is what made me register. I had two issues with my funcom website accounts.  They did not involve real life money like the original poster, but still ... two times, I had to contact customer service.  My long time MMO experience gives me pretty good instincts about this stuff - in both cases, my instincts told me they were not going to be able to help me. Instincts be damned, funcom's CS helped me in both cases.  They did whatever funky database stuff they had to do, and got the job done.  BOTH TIMES.  Coming from someone (me) who played Age of Conan and never made it past the first month, I was expecting the worst.  Yet, I got the exact opposite - the BEST CS I have seen in a game yet.  Personalized service, a competent, english-speaking individual who took the time to understand my problem and then fixed it.  Personal emails afterwards, to ask if everything was handled ok. Glad to hear your situation was resolved, but frankly, I'm not surprised.  The funcom forums are full of people with good CS stories.  I have yet to see a bad one. much are Funcom paying you to write this kinda stuff on forums? LOL

    If you are sincere I apologise, but we see far too many shills on this site, making posts just like the one above. 

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  • TazlorTazlor Member Posts: 864

    1. Funcom game comes out

    2. People buy it knowing Funcom sucks and their games suck

    3. People complain they were scammed

    4. Funcom game comes out....


    Didn't anybody learn from AoC?

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