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DashiDMVDashiDMV Member Posts: 362

I have been playing this for a little while now but the dev I guess wanted people to wait from talking about/promoting it until he made a stand alone client. He finished it so I figured I would shill for it here since I didn't see any other threads about it.


Basically if you ever wanted a old school Dragon Warrior game with turn based combat,retro grahpics, and challenging dungeons combined with MMO type features like quests, grouping, PvP and chat, well here you are. 


I have to say besides the fun playing, it brings back so many good memories of spending all day after school playing DW and FF1 on my NES.


The added some newer features in the last couple months like a pokemon style companion system that gives you npc partymates and a big expansion and level cap raise is coming soon.


This game has been around in one form or another for years and the guy has brought it along very slowly and grown it organically. Now he feels it is at a place where it can be talked about more.  One of my favorite things is the the game is totally free and even if you become a subscriber the most you will EVER pay is 25 dollars. Yep a lifetime sub is 25 dollars. So the person is obviously not trying to nickle and dime anyone, just make enough not to be bankrupted by this.

Well enough of me talking about it, give the link a click and check it out for yourself, it really is a fun game or I wouldn't be posting this.




If there is a negative that I could say, it would be some of the community. Like any MMO there are some real dicks there, jaded vets, elitists and the like. But there is an option to drag the screen over and block out the chat and to be honest, the new players coming in have been making up for any negatives the other players bring.


Hope to see you guys in game.


Edit: Just noticed I put this in general gaming instead of the pub, go me. Gonna make the same thread up there and I guess this one can be removed when someone gets a chance.


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