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Sandbox MMO List Off- Lets do it!

SnakexSnakex Member UncommonPosts: 317

LF for some Sandbox MMO's, so lets list off, and hopfully, me, other people, and this community can use this thread to try to come across a Sandbox MMO that they might like. Even if the game is more of a mix, with like Sandbox elements but is still tab-target or has class's, i guess that would be fine.

Good or bad, List the Sandbox's you know, if you can, a link to the webpage, and a few comments, generally Pro & Con, but just dont be too negative about the game =]

KK lets start this off:

Mortal Online:

Free trialed it, it is very realist, Upgrade happening soon with much promise, called: Awakening, so once that hits, will definitly be checking this game out in much more depth.



Got this game on launch day, there is a promotion happening starting july 2nd, no box copy required, just pay the 10 dollar monthly fee, and 20x skill gains happening, also promising a epic X-pack called: Darkfall 2.0, yet again holds much promise but we will see, its an intense game, full loot just like mortal online. But has more fantasy aspects then mortal online. Loved this game, but the developers piss me off. 


and of course, lastly,

EVE Online:

Currently free trialing this game, its fun, truely is, kinda too slow paced for me, but also intense in the thinking process, sometimes feels more like an RTS where you are only controling one unit, but generally a Very intresting game, defitinly guna be playing the rest of the free trial, give it some time, try not to get fustrated in the beging and you might find yourself buying this game.


I got more sandbox i know of, but  ill leave that for the rest of the community.

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