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problem with scroll of resurrection

svannsvann Member RarePosts: 2,223

I left wow before the WoTLK, and recently came back.  I called in and got my old wow account linked to my battlenet account.  Then I resubscribed and got someone to send me a scroll.  I guess I shouldnt have subbed until i got the scroll because its telling me Im not qualified to use a scroll.  I put in a ticket and was told that they only work for inactive accounts and I should call the billing dept to get it straightened out.  But every time I call the billing dept I am told by phonebot that the queue is full and try some other time.  I even tried exactly at 7am when it opens and same thing.  So my next step is to cancel my sub and try again when the sub runs out next month on the 19th.


Think that will work, or anyone have any other suggestion?  I really only want this so I am up to date on expansions and ready for the Mop release.  Dont care about 7 days free or the level 80 character.


  • Have your friend who sent you the scroll send in a ticket with your battle.net ID and it can get worked out through the GMs. If they are telling you otherwise ask for a different GM, because that is how my buddy got his scroll to work.

  • svannsvann Member RarePosts: 2,223

    Happy ending.  Finally got through on the phone and they fixed it.  They almost didnt because it had been 10 days since i subbed, but he cut me some slack.

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