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Free Realms, new Gloam Invasion event

NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,866


massively has an amusing writeup of their experiences


Open-world combat
The fun begins as you cross the bridge into the Glade; it's nothing short of uncontrolled chaos. The area has become overrun with snakes, aggressive avians, corrupted Druids, and lots of Gloam invaders. The respawn rate is so quick that players never run out of things to fight, and in fact, it's almost impossible not to be under attack from something at any given moment once you leave the safety of the main road and cross the bridge. It's the first time that open-world combat has been added to Free Realms. 
Train to zone!
And that's where old school gaming enters the picture. During one gaming session, I saw one player announce in zone, "I love trains!" and a little later, my daughter proudly told the story of how she helped some guy kill a huge group of monsters that were about to finish him off.
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