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Guardian Battle Priest Build

sonoggisonoggi Member Posts: 1,119

i played around with this in bwe2 and stress test. healing others is difficult as a "role", but self-heal sustain is a very viable and well-defined role for the guardian. check it out.


  • drakaenadrakaena Member UncommonPosts: 506

    which runes, sigils, and jewels do you use?

  • prpshrtprpshrt Member Posts: 258

    I did not know this website existed. THANK YOU T_T. Figuring out what skills work well together is cofusing as hell.

  • sonoggisonoggi Member Posts: 1,119

    i used whatever gear is default for the guardian spvp in the beta. i didnt fiddle with gear/stats at all.

  • KuppaKuppa Member UncommonPosts: 3,292

    Let me tell you, I think they buffed guardians cause they were the hardest class to deal with in general for me this stress test.



  • sonoggisonoggi Member Posts: 1,119

    no, youre playing the BWE 2 build. this spec that i posted is full tank with lots of toughness, vitality and low dps. it's really in your face and great on points, but i cant really "kill" anything. i can just pin people down for my teammates to kill.

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