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Search for a fanatsy sandbox-game

AlriffAlriff Member Posts: 1

Hello dear community,

I have tried the trail to Mortal Online. I also quite enjoyed it, especially the crafting system :).
Now I've talked with a buddy and he said that Mortal Online is nice, but does not have long-term motivation and I would prefer to play Darkfall Online.

Now I've played there last time. I like it too. OK, the graphics are not comparable and I think the atmosphere is not as good as in MO. But now I've got a few questions (especially for the people who know both games).

Although I have nothing against PvP. But I am not the "hardcore" PvP player. I'm also just happy to trade, craft, or simply to explore and to PvE. To me it seems that Mortal, what PvE concerns has nothing to offer, or is this just the "starting area"?
In DF I even had quests where I had to "slaughter" goblins. OK. Quests must not be, thats why I like sandbox games, I make my own story, but NPCs that can tell me a little about the area or find something like a diary so I know, why is a ruin there or something like that would be "nice". ;) Is there something like ingame story in MO?

Furthermore, how does it look in the "high end" area? Is there only PvP or "dungeons" or open areas that are really exciting in terms of the NPCs?

What is the situation with the player base?
In MO, I was never alone. Always a few players (recently even in the home town I saw 10 players. Some newcomers (at least in appearance) and part of veterans who have protected the newcomers (a player militia... I was quite impressed. * g *).
In DF I played about 5 hours. Alone... Only one other player has crossed my path.
Does anyone know if I was just lucky in MO and had just bad luck in DF?
Do not get me wrong, but at the beginning, I'm in a full-loot PvP game even happy about noone who kills me ;) , but as an avid crafter and trader (dreams from crafting and traiding in SWG) I need an "intact" player base to sell my goods. Because crafting is only fun if I can sell the stuff. *smile*

I know I'm there are other topics of "MO vs DF" but they are all at last 1 year old. And I know there happend many things in MO (for DF I could not find any changes in the last year).

Oh... And please... I dont want to read something like: "MO has potential." or "DF 2.0 will be great".
I want to play now. Not in 1,2,3 or 5 years. ;)

thx for answers


  • General-ZodGeneral-Zod Member UncommonPosts: 868

    Well it really helps if you get into a guild, there are a ton of events done for starting players also guilds inviting only new players. The rate in which you cross paths with another player really just depends on area and race.

    Edit ** I stopped playing because of possible wipe ... will resub for DF 2.0**

  • KenFisherKenFisher Member UncommonPosts: 5,035

    I like post #7 in this thread as a comparison of the two.  I've read that MO has patched in features and an expansion pack (not sure if that's live yet).  Haven't heard much about  DF other than DF2 is coming.  No clue what to expect there.

    Ken Fisher - Semi retired old fart Network Administrator, now working in Network Security.  I don't Forum PVP.  If you feel I've attacked you, it was probably by accident.  When I don't understand, I ask.  Such is not intended as criticism.
  • SnakexSnakex Member UncommonPosts: 317

    Well well, how to i put this in short..........i cant =D


    Darkfall, is a sandbox that is fun, intresting, generally easy to grasp, and not to confusing like MO, genrally one of my favorite sandbox's out there, to bad, it doesnt have the real hard core aspects like MO, like first person view 24/7 and the realism of capped skills, because in DF , Right Now, you can be a super solider, and be everything at once, and there is NO balance, its stupid and the developers just need to fuckin sit on it, cuz that was a retarded way to release a game. But on MO's side, they were generally smart about it and did cap that shit, like a real living creature, because iv never seen a Engineer, doctor, physic's teacher, olypic runner, swimmer, that speaks 5 diffrent languages, and also can fly. That shit just does NOT happen, unless your playing darkfall. yup yup, thats darkfall for you, currently, as AV says  but DF 2.0 is guna be diffrent, but if you have history with AV and Tasos, ohh Tasos, you stupid little greek hummus eating bastard you =] <3. He just doesnt know how to make a game, sorry to say. But hopefully he hired people that KNOW how to make a game =] then DF is in Luck =D, we will see the final results at DF 2.0


    and now

    Mortal Online, cant say to much about it, cuz i just free trailed it, but the about the first thing i noticed about this game is,

    THERES NO SHIPS, fuuuuuuuk, Darkfall has a huge leap, for me at least, because MO does not have ships, and such oceanic combat and what not. Besides that, it shines generally beyond DF. Death is realist, you drop everything, you turn into a ghost, Its all first person, you are capped in skill so you dont have a bunch of Jesus's running around. Combat intresting, but chunky, Night time in MO is quite intense too, i like the fact that you can be a thief in MO, unlike DF. In darkfall you only have two major choices, to be a heavy armor archer/melee person, or be a hybrid that uses everything, but generally magic.

    Currently, if you asked me, MO has the better universe to play in, but currently DF has the promotion, and is generally a more easy to get into game.

    Its a hard hit, i cant really tell you one is better then the other,

    MO has Awakening coming, and DF has 2.0 coming.

    WoW has MOP coming, that takes the cake...........JK xD, wasnt expecting that now were you? Ok lets not get into WoW convo here now, *Cough Cough* WoW for Carebear *Cough*down syndrome people *Cough*Cough*.........*Cough*

    Sorry about that Allergies, dumb shit makes me cough.

    Now back to topic.

    So in conclusion what i would say is

    Use DF's promotion its only 10 dollars, and 20x xp, and 4x loot. might as well use it, try it out, see how you like it, starts July2nd Monday

    Then go ahead if you already have MO bought, once ur done trying out DF try out MO, buy a sub for that (15dollar), eveluate which one is more suited for you.

    For me id say, I would wana play DF, because of its ability to have ships, easy pick up and understanding, MO is currently made like a 5 year old make the UI, Darkfall is fun currently when your in your own little world, but once large scale pvp comes in, your guna be like fuck this game, because you Have to be a magic user, or a heavy armor wearer, there is no in the middle, essentially you need to follow a template.


    But then, id say Play MO, becaue its balanced, realist, you can be that type of "Class"/"Gameplay" you want, you feel like a true person in a fantasy world. Yea no Ships but thats where the ascpet that the game's system is more well built. if you can understand the UI, get use to it, deal with that stupid currency exchange shit. Also the housing system in MO is much nicer then DF, and the player city system too, and of course theievery =] i like me my rouge mechanics =]


    The only thing truely holding me back currently is me waiting to see how Darkfall 2.0 goes, and Mortal online: Awakening,

    after that we will see what i choose to play, but the only reason im not investing more time into MO is that i do not want to purchase the copy of it.

    Now if only Hello kitty online adventure would go Sandbox >.>


    *Also as stated above, You really, really, i cant stress it enough, need to find a guild in these types of games,

    so Find a Guild ASAP before you really start playing any of them.

  • surstromingsurstroming Member UncommonPosts: 151
    Originally posted by Snakex, like a real living creature, because iv never seen a Engineer, doctor, physic's teacher, olypic runner, swimmer, that speaks 5 diffrent languages, and also can fly. That shit just does NOT happen, unless your playing darkfall. yup yup!

    I rofled! now if only the engineer could invent googles that shoots lazers superman would have meet his maker!

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