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More Crafting!

TaladTalad PlaneShift DeveloperMember UncommonPosts: 83

Greetings, in the last few months we expanded greatly crafting and fixed many bugs.


  • Added new quest to enable armor enchanting for players. It's now possible to find the Armor Enchant books in game and set the enchanted gems into armor!
  • Fixed MyPlane achievements on PlaneShift releases your char has played.
  • Fixed cooking prices. Intermediate items cost less, final items cost more, allowing better economy for cooks.
  • Mining, harvesting and fishing now produce variable quality items. This means you can find better ore, plants, ingredients, and fishes. The minimum quality is anyway capped at 50, max quality at 300.
  • It's now "simpler" to find better random loot, we have revised the loot generator chances and formulas. Nonetheless, finding rare loot is still hard.
  • It's now possible to see the random loot item rarity ! In the description window of the item, you will see the "Rarity" info at the end. Rarity is expressed in words (example: extremely rare) and also by a percentage number, which expresses the chance to find such an item (after the standard item is found). Let us know which rare weapons you have, will be good to see who has the rarest!
  • Gem enchanting quests and books are available to players! First you need to be an apprentice in one of the ways, then you need to find the new quests dedicated to gem enchanting. There are two quests, each dedicated to 3 Ways.
  • Herbalism is fully ready to be used in game! Start your quest with Aleena, on top of the tavern. With herbalism you can use the various plants found in the Dome to craft juices, poultices, salves and many others.
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