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Here Are Your Demon Spawn Contestants!

KyuubeyKyuubey Member Posts: 69

The final list of entries for the “Demon Spawn” contest are here and you can now vote for your favorite self-created monster. This contest has yielded some pretty interesting competitors and you can look at them for yourselves here.

This first entry is certainly my favorite one of the crop and it’s exactly what this contest aimed to have from the very beginning. The design is quite menacing and is really something that could be envisioned as an end boss in the game. There’s a beastly look to it that hints at brute strength but the bipedal nature also makes it look like it’s a sentient being (ok, that was weird. I just did demon taxonomy.)

Not sure how this entry managed to make the monster look like it’s actually part of the game but the effort is nonetheless incredible. From it’s looks, the monster is a mish-mash of existing baddies in the game but the contestant’s artistic skills really shine here with his almost flawless editing. If this was in the game, I’d imagine this to be a commander of a legion of demons with it’s broad body and gladiator-like stance.

This is easily by far the most fun entry out of the three here. Personally, this doesn’t look like a monster that the developer would put in the game but I’d really love to see this roaming around in a sewer stage. The design is simple, yet ingenious which is something that I really admire. I also loved how the art style is somewhat roughened up which gives a crude dimension to the monster. This will definitely be well received by those who love a fun design.

So there you have it. These are your contestants for our first ever “Demon Spawn” contest. To vote for your favorite entry, simply like the image on our official Hellgate Facebook page. Competition is fierce and it will go down the wire for sure. Your favorite entries need your vote so “like” their entries now!

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