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A MMO similar to Tabula Rasa is in development

IsasisIsasis Member Posts: 416

My last thread, was deleted for "private or unofficial servers". Maybe I could have explained it better, but this is NOT a private and NOT an unofficial server. An ex-developer for TR (who has a team of 5 in total), is making a SIMILAR game to Tabula Rasa...but almost everything (except the mechanics, and it is still sci-fi) is different. New art and modern graphics, new enemies, new lore.


This is NOT a private or unofficial server. This is a NEW game, based off of Tabula Rasa. It is NOT Tabula Rasa.


Now that is out of the way, hopefully this actually stays up this time.


In my last thread, I said the developer wanted the development on this new MMO more well known. It is cliche name "Project X". He already put in the copyright for the actual name, but it hasn't gone through yet. None of the testers know what it is.

Previously, I thought that meant he wanted more testers (only a small group at the moment from a small fansite), but I was wrong. He does want fans of Tabula Rasa to know they aren't forgotten and, while not the same really, hopes they still enjoy the similar mechanics. But, he does not want any testers outside the fansite (which is a Tabula Rasa fansite). The servers wouldn't be able to handle that at all. They are already rather laggy as it is.


The MMO is nicely developed for early alpha, in terms of mechanics made and lore-wise and the world is made. But, a lot of things are missing (art, world objects etc). Server architecture isn't there either. The base game is pretty much made, however. Recently he even put in npcs attacking cities (which the world is a lot larger than Tabula Rasa was, but a lot of it is still being made and is closed off)...but that is a bit buggy at the moment.


But yes...for those who are/were fans of Tabula Rasa. There is an MMO coming out for you, but it will be a bit before anything substantial is revealed. On the plus side, the developer is planning to do a kickstarter campaign...that will be where a lot of information is revealed. There are no concrete plans for when this will start, and the only (sort of) hint he gave was a new topic he made and said "December. ;)"


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  • hammer3260hammer3260 Tabula Rasa CorrespondentMember Posts: 18

    that's fucking awesome, you know off hand what developer? Ive been keeping track of what theyre all doing nowadays for the fuck of it. Anyone from the old art team on board this?

    Regardless, thanks for the info and keep us posted, here and/or the hideout.

  • CavadusCavadus Member UncommonPosts: 707

    Sounds cool as I loved TR's combat and branching class structure but is this game going to be just another fantasy derivative where the only thing that makes the game "science fiction" are some lasers and LED lights on armor or are the devs aiming to make it true science fiction with heavy integration of vehicles, battlefield networking, electronic warfare, et cetera?

    Y'know, the stuff that actually makes a game science fiction rather than just a fantasy MMO which is pretending to be science fiction?  As much as I loved TR my biggest criticism was that we players were all just wandering around on foot like it was the dark ages.


    Edit: Btw, this Cavadus from TR.  I was the CO of the 47th A.F.S.E.F. on Cassiopeia.  We ran all of the server events and whatnot.  Anyways, Trion World's Defiance looks like a true successor to TR if I ever saw one.


  • TymoraTymora Member UncommonPosts: 1,312
    Can't wait for Defiance. TV show on Syfy will run alongside MMO. You know Cav and me are getting our characters on it!
  • aspekxaspekx Member UncommonPosts: 2,167

    no need to start a new thread, so i am asking here: is there any further word on this development team's project?


    pm me if necessary.

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  • ClawhammerClawhammer Member Posts: 16

    that sounds really nice, woud ove to get more intel on that.


    please kee us posted....

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