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(work in progress) my newest Skyrim character, Amy (based off of Little Sister in Bioshock)

Trolldefender99Trolldefender99 Member UncommonPosts: 416

This is the source I used: http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/files/costumes/1350/47214/bioshock2_little_sisters_001.jpg

And also a bit of: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_4OYGjUrdllo/Sk2D-ZUXEFI/AAAAAAAAYSc/xtampgkwc1Q/s1600-h/littlesisterwallpaper.jpg

Keep in mind, she is very much a work in progress. I tried copying her the best I could, but my own touches to it as well. The three outfits for her are great (in my opinion), but I want to try and add or find an outfit that more closely looks what the little sister wears in Bioshock. I also want a hair that is closer to the little sister's hair. The hair I chose currently is a lot better (for her) than what I used before, which made her forehead look too big. Which made her head look bigger than it is. This hair is a big improvement, but not really what I'm looking for. It is my 2nd choice really, if I can't find a hair that more resembles little sister. It is still a really nice hair style for her. Funny how hair can change so much of a character.

Clothing is another one. I need to find more clothing AND armor for her. It is really hard to find non-skimpy clothing on the Nexus. But, ah well. I did find two mods that added tasteful clothes and armor.

So...here are the screenshots.

Amy's adventuring outfit...she uses this while in the wilderness and delving into dungeons


Amy in her formal wear, which is what she wears while in cities. She wears nothing of less quality


Amy in her darker attire, which she uses to do nefarious deeds (Amy is an evil aligned character, often times disguised as good)


And a close up of Amy (maybe too close, but ah well)...this one was mostly done because the others were too dark. The atmosphere and feel of it is good, however. And should be able see all the details.



  • GTwanderGTwander Member UncommonPosts: 6,035

    Mmmm, I'd yank the adam out of that bitch anyday.

    (Question - Is that character shorter than normal ones?)

    Writer / Musician / Game Designer

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  • Trolldefender99Trolldefender99 Member UncommonPosts: 416

    Here is my last screenshot for the next 24 or so hours. Again of Amy, a slight chance to mouth height and wearing the gold Fiona armor.



    And yes, she is much shorter. She is...well...a "young" custom race. So be careful with that :P I wanted to try and make the little sister with this character, which is a young character.

  • GTwanderGTwander Member UncommonPosts: 6,035
    Originally posted by Isasis


    LOL. Stranger Danger!

    Seriously though, I would play that char just to have a smaller hitbox and get up under things easier. In Oblivion (and Morrowind, especially)  there were a lot of places you couldn't squeeze through as a Nord, so I usually played Imperial. Is there a specific mod I need to DL for that character? ~and does it have a mini-werewolf and vampire form? ~and do weapons shrink to fit the size when used?

    ~Oh, and do you notice a lot of NPCs looking above your head when in conversation with you? Or do they look down?

    Writer / Musician / Game Designer

    Now Playing: Skyrim, Wurm Online, Tropico 4
    Waiting On: GW2, TSW, Archeage, The Rapture

  • Trolldefender99Trolldefender99 Member UncommonPosts: 416

    Actually, Bethesda did a good job with that one. The NPCs (including companions) do look down when you talk to them. Some a bit less than others, and sometimes it can look a bit weird. Like one of my companions almost looks straight down. But, they do indeed look down.

  • Trolldefender99Trolldefender99 Member UncommonPosts: 416

    Here is a screenshot I took last night of Amy in her gold-colored Fiona armor. Just a different re-texturing of the other variance of Fiona. I won't be able to use Nexus however, especially for the next screenshots I take. I have a bunch of armor/clothing mods that got imported from other games. As well as mods that the creator of them didn't want to be up for public. That is against Nexus rules, even if they are in screenshots, and they can ban you for that.

    So, for now on, I'll be using DeviantArt for any screenshots. I find it to be a lot better for that kind of thing.

    So here is the screenshot. I have a bunch of new armor and clothing, so I'll be taking screenshots of them at some point today or tomorrow. Not really in the mood for Skyrim at the moment.


    Also, I made changes to the mouth height/nose height. The nose height was quite off, compared to the picture of Little Sister. The mouth was a bit off as well. Should look better, but I'm still tweaking it a bit. You won't notice in the above screenshot, since I made the changes today.



    I think I'll stick with imgur. That is what most people use on another forum, too. That is a lot easier to manage.

    I re-uploaded all the screenshots I've taken so far to there. I left out the adventuring outfit though, that one didn't really fit my character and I didn't really like it.

    Amy - White dress

    Amy - Dark Attire

    Amy - Closeup (I have since tweaked the nose height and mouth)


    Amy - Conversing with a Noble

    Amy - Gold attire

  • Trolldefender99Trolldefender99 Member UncommonPosts: 416

    I got new clothing outfits for my character, Amy. She is based off of the Little Sister from Bioshock.

    Amy's Assassin outfit

    Amy's Elegant robe (the most "skimpy" of the bunch. I got it, since I thought it looked really nice.)

    Amy's Pirate-esque outfit

    Amy's Leliana armor

    Amy's Morrigan armor


    I should add, some/most, if not all these armors are imported from other games. As any of you that played Dragon Age, may tell from the last two. Not sure where the other armors came from.

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