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LF english speaking people

im on Ship 3, tag is Odinthedark1 if anyone wants to group, i dont know how to add friends yet tho, dont speak japanese just winging it for the options lol...


  • bleyzwunbleyzwun Member UncommonPosts: 1,087

    I'm curious about how this game is.  How is it compared to PSU?  I enjoyed that for a short bit, but not enough to keep playing after a certain point.  It looks like the combat is a little bit more complicated than the last game.  I don't plan on playing the beta, but I wouldn't mind checking it out if it releases out here.

  • Odinthedark1Odinthedark1 Member Posts: 330

    im already having a blast with it, much more skill based you can dodge jump block and chain combos, i would go so far to say as im loving it a bit more than PSU.

  • bleyzwunbleyzwun Member UncommonPosts: 1,087

    Nice.  Hopefully it comes out over here.  

  • AmbrosiaAmorAmbrosiaAmor Member Posts: 915
    Most of the English speaking community are on Ship #2, I am not sure if they got over-flooded though. But if you are going to start a new character you may as well try there!


  • JimmydeanJimmydean Member UncommonPosts: 1,290

    Really hoping the english patch goes up soon =( I wanna play!

  • maskedweaselmaskedweasel Member EpicPosts: 11,344

    I really would like to play too,  LOVE PSO and PSU... have been really anticipating this one.

  • DaezAsterDaezAster Member UncommonPosts: 788

    Last phanstasy star game I played was on dreamcast. Have to keep an eye on this one...

  • Odinthedark1Odinthedark1 Member Posts: 330

    Damn lol i made my char on ship 3 like 30mins after the beta launched

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