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Free to play?

amber-ramber-r Member Posts: 323


I played Final Fantasy 14 at launch and didn't really enjoy it :x I do however like the races and would be willing to try it again till guild wars 2 comes out, from what I was reading yesterday not that many people play it now so I was hoping it would possibly be free to play and I could try it again.  So is it free to play yet and if not is there a date for that?

Oh, and are there any normal RP servers?

Thank you for any help ;D


  • DarbiiRueDarbiiRue Member UncommonPosts: 838

    Hello there, Amber-R.

    Final Fantasy XIV is currently in a 'transition phase'. They're in the middle of revamping the entire game to what they're calling "Final Fantasy XIV-2.0". It's going to be almost entirely different from what it is right now, down to the actual engine that it's built on. Yoshi-P who took over for Tanaka noted all of the issues, including performance, and decided to just overhaul it all.

    That being said, you've missed the free-to-play period and it won't be going back to that. While it is true that it doesn't have the largest playerbase, there are a decent number of players playing and as of last year around Thanksgiving, they reinstated the subscription rates.

    Currently if you wish to play, it will cost you $12.99/mo and that gets you one character. Every subsequent character unlocked will cost you $3.

    After 2.0 goes live, it will be the following:

    Entry Sub: $12.99/mo = 1 Char per Server

    Standard Sub: $14.99/mo = 8 Char per Server


    As far as RP servers go, there is not one labeled with an RP tag, however, there is an RP community. They play on the Balmung server and their forums are here:


    I hope I've helped you!

  • amber-ramber-r Member Posts: 323

    You did, thank you so much for the reply!  I'll check back when they release the 2nd version and try it then, sounds good :)

  • RalstlinRalstlin Member UncommonPosts: 234

    dont forget, 2.0 will come with a Free Month.

  • CaptainSoapCaptainSoap Member UncommonPosts: 142

    Free trial for 2.0 also :)

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