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Latest fan made video in-game tournament fight

ringdanyringdany Member UncommonPosts: 182

RO recently had its (i tink quarterly) ingame tournament. The tournamet allows players to fight 1v1 in their class category as well as in teams. There are prizes given out for the wwinners.


This fan made video covers the tournament category for Barbarians, so it is all melee. The music is not from the game but from the fan :-


the spectators on the hill in the background are only the few teleported by the GMs to attend. there is actually a larger number watching from outside (via ustream run by the GMs) but who were not able to be teleported due to time considerations and the need to control the crowd.

the last time the GMs allowed anybody who wanted to come there was a avst crowd there and people started fighting amongst themsels for fun lol (even though GMs ordered them not to!).

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