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My Red Stone Experience

miss_susiemiss_susie Member Posts: 4

After getting my first computer Red Stone was my very first online game. My hubby and I played ALOT. Developed characters, made and invited some friends to play with us, made a guild, it was a good time. Kinda lost track after K-2 sold but was so excited when I found it again. I was elated to find that the players were every bit as helpful and friendly as I remembered them being, infact doing the bank quest again a group actually stopped what they were doing at Donut Falls just to lend a hand.


Personally I don't get how people say the community sucks because it's always been great as far as I've seen.  AS for the graphics, thier 2 or 2.5D. Maybe those knocking the graphics would be best left to judging 3D graphical games or keep an open mind when judging other game types. I've never had problems with support both in the past or currently. Also it's a free game. I truly think alot more credit should be given to this game and that it seriously deserves better than the 6.8 rating it was given.


In short, sit down, bring some friends or make a few even and have fun raining fire or crashing a meteor into some baddies, explore the many secret dungeons and game area's. If you stop looking for the bad you'll find this game to be very fun and challenging. Also I would like to add that I am not a GM or in a big guild. I'm just a player trying to share my positive experiences in Red Stone in an attempt to bring even more quality players and make even more friend in a game I enjoy alot.


Well, thats my 2 cents. Thankyou for reading and hope to see you in Red Stone soon!!! :)



Sue aka Cynder



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