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John Smedley x Gamerbeats Interview: Drone Strikes with smartphones

BeanpuieBeanpuie Member UncommonPosts: 812


a interesting piece of info of  smartphone/ipad/iphone  intergration of  Planetside 2.


Overall, pretty awesome, but a good number of restrictions will be needed, namely  level, a timer, and resources.

But rest assured, those who are at their office pushing those spreadsheets can sneak in a executive order to drone strike an enemies galaxy.


GamesBeat: How are you doing smartphone and tablet integration?

Smedley: Now, you’ve heard of companion apps. Our is cooler, and here’s why. You can see all the statistics you have in the game, weapons, what kind of weapons we have, all the stuff you expect from a companion app, it’s kind of like a complete encyclopedia. But it also has community features for the game, so you can go and you can check out the videos, tweets, Facebook stuff, all that good stuff. You can do complete voice chat with people in the game. I was standing out in front of our booth yesterday, basically using it as an intercom. If your guys are in-game and they’re in a big fight and you’re at work, you can just say, hey, how’s the fight going? And what’s even cooler, there’s a map. We’re going to enable this thing…this is going to be like the hunt for Osama. It’s a map app, and what we’re going to be doing is allow players to fly a drone on their phone. And then if they have a high enough level in the game, they’ll be able to launch a drone strike. So gameplay out of your phone or your iPad, and it works on both iPhone or Android.


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