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Is housing free?

MaGicBushMaGicBush Member UncommonPosts: 688

I just found Aion went F2P I played it at launch for about 2 month's and got burnt out on the grind as there were very few quests past a certain level and required mob grinding. I read that was remedied since I played and you can easily get to max level without grinding now. I also read that housing has been implemented and have a question about it. Realizing this is a F2P game, and seeing on the main site something about housing auctions I was wondering if you had to pay real money to get one or if you can get money in game to do so? Thanks for any information on this topic!


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  • MadDemon64MadDemon64 Member UncommonPosts: 1,102

    It all depends on the house and furniture you buy.  All characters upon reaching a certain level get a free studio appartment.  You can also enter an auction to buy a house, but that costs a lot of in game money + upkeep, with the bigger houses costing more money and more upkeep, but with more spots to put your furniture, different options for furniture (these auctioned houses are the only way to have outside furniture, garden, etc.), etc.

    Furniture costs in game money, with better furniture costing more in game money.  Some furniture is temporary, some is not.  You can buy basic furniture like beds, chairs, etc, but the better furniture like lamps, candles, etc. must be crafted, with some of the fanciest stuff like stuffed dragons (not stuffed as in plush, but stuffed as in taxidermy), mounted animal heads, etc required dungeon raids.  You can also buy some fancy  furniture in the cash shop, but this is almost always temporary (30 day limit or something).

    Hope this helps.

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  • MaGicBushMaGicBush Member UncommonPosts: 688

    Helped alot, thanks for the information!


    -Currently playing FFXIV, and BDO.

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