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Giving it a try

NeblessNebless Member UncommonPosts: 1,233

My wife used to play the off-line version and briefly played the online one (before she discovered facebook games that let her 'socialize' without using any brain cells! LOL!).

Well I wanted to try something totally different and since A Tale of the Desert only gave a 24hr free period, I went here instead.  Totally free for something like this beats paying a sub.

 Load only took 2hrs, biggest headache was I couldn't guess my wife's old password so I had to use the recovery feature.  Little trick if you're in the same boat.  I'd get the 'Webpage couldn't connect' after putting in my e-mail address for the game to send me a link.  Ignore it and just go to your e-mail inbox.  Mail will be there.  Then after clicking on the link and typing in a new password I'd hit send and get an idiot box with 'retry or cancel' on it.  Just hit cancel and it will go through OK.

A bit dated on the graphics but still nice enough that I don't mind looking at it.  Movement can get funky at times.  I actually find 1st person (which I normally hate) to be the easier navigation method.

And it's a game of puzzles, find things, hints and obsure clues.  Enough to drive you insane at times.  I've had to make use of the YouTube video's much more than I want to.

Now I've seen a dozen or so players names on the comm link and even ran into one person in the 'starter' area so there are people playing.  Just not alot.  I'd say try to hook up with others and join their neighborhood, which isn't a guild, it's basically players on the same 'shard' (which probably isn't the right word; Instance maybe?).

If you enjoyed the offline version of Myst this will be right up your alley.

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