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I noticed something: As WoW move more and more away from Old AV, the less and less interested I am i

MMOExposedMMOExposed Member RarePosts: 7,161

looking back on my trip through WoW, I notice a trend that I want to place the burden of my issues with WoW now days.

and thats Old AV.

there may be few other elements, but I will start with this point first.

Seem like over time, through each expansion Blizzard does something and something else to rid WoW of the Old AV feel of RvR.

Seeing the hype for GW2's WvW which main expect is these large scale 2week long battles, it seem like this is actually an interesting concept, that I am not alone for liking.

at some point before it was first nerfed going into TBC, Old AV use to be closer to this WvW concept in GW2. After the nerf it became nothing but a Battleground.

Yeah maybe the RvR wasnt intended in the original design of AV, but it seem far better idea than AV just being a short Battleground.

in Old AV there was always something to do, for all players and skill types. And the battles were long lasting which is a selling point of WvW in GW2. These battles were epic. summoning a giant boss elite to rampage, or pulling Warmasters out of keep and not knowing if they will wipe your forces. it was so epic. upgrading units and summoning more units. Or even exploring the openworld dungeon to complete a task for your faction. so much to do.

I spent a lot of my time in AV over my time in WoW. Even after the nerfs I played AV more than any other Battleground, and near the end of my time in WoW, I started to spend more time in Battlegrounds more than PvE dungeons I notice.

But once Blizzard added the "Random Queue" feature to the battlegrounds, that IMO killed the faster 40vs40 Battleground queues, since the random queue would fill up the smaller Battleground before the larger battlegrounds.

games like Conquest would no longer have games running, and soon after, AV stop having games as well.

Conquest was a poor attempt to appeal to the RvR croud after the WoTLK AV nerf.

and I figured that the World PvP zone idea in WoTLK would put a end to the old AV needs, but with a 2 hour cooldown period in which PvP became non existence in that zone during those break periods, it was pretty clear that the concept of what they wanted failed. Espeically with the late WoTLK change to PvP zones going into CAT, which changed the way we enter the zone, and preventing a large population of players from even being able to play when the cooldown periods dropped.

that was it for me. More AV nerfs later into a speed run ,and the death of PvP zone idea, just put the nail in the coffin for my interest in WoW.

PvE dungeons, more races which I have to level up again in boring zones, and more rehashed small scale Battlegrounds, just dont keep my interest in WoW anymore.


CAT added nothing new to the game for people with characters already in the max level range.

looking at MoP features, I doubt Blizzard can even see my point. they will continue to do what they do best. But would be nice if they did what they did best pre TBC.


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