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Regnum online merged their 2 largest international servers

ringdanyringdany Member Posts: 122

I saw this hasn't been ndiscussed in these forums so I thought I would post the news: NGD arranged for the 2 largest servers in RO, Horus and Raven, to be merged a few weeks ago. The new server is called Haven.

I feel overall it has been quite a good merger and a good decision. The merger helped smaller populated realms merge with their larger populated kin, balancing population across realms and so making war much more fun. The larger numbers of players also made wars much larger and more fun too. I suspect realm numbers imbalance will still arise over time but at the moment it's quite good.

Players are looking forward to guild wars 2 for ideas since RO and GW2 seem to have some similarities (RO very much smaller and straightforward in gameplay and look).



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