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LF for new interesting MMO



  • russ1struss1st Member Posts: 47
    Originally posted by Connmacart

    You're not going to find the perfect MMO, because it doesn't exist and never will. Be less demanding of what you want and you might actually find something you like.

    People try and find the perfect partner in real life often enough and keep rejecting perfectly good ones. In the end they either need to settle for something way below their standard or give up entirely.

    It's the samedifference to be honest 

    Answering formaly on this, but it also answer to GTWander and miguksaram lasr posts, since the idea  in all 3 post are about same :)


    Yeah I perfectly understand that it's impossible to find MMO that suit every exact individual.  Of course I'm willing to try and open for suggestions. I also think that one person can't know everything and the best way to learn is ask others :) 

    The criterias are stated are in order from most to least importance for me.  I just want deversity and don't like to play same settings over and over again. Same as many other I believe.


    offtopic: I'm happy married for already 10 years and from 1st try  so I probably know how to choose :)

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