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[Forum Bug] Problem with forum hotkeys while using Google Chrome

UristMcDwarfUristMcDwarf Member UncommonPosts: 111

What is the problem?

- If I type a sentence and use a forum hotkey (e.g. CTRL+B, +I, +U), later if I go to backspace a word it will actually erase the last letter of the hotkeyed word instead of the word I had a typo on.
Example sentence:
This is just a yest.
As you can see I put yest instead of test. Well, if I press backspace to erase the word "yest" it will actually jump back and start erasing the word that's bolded. This only happens when I use those hotkeys.

What browser am I using?

- Google Chrome. However, I've also tested this issue on Firefox and I wasn't able to duplicate it.
Other information:
- It isn't necessarily just backspace. If I press enter it will jump back to the hotkeyed word and move whatever is after it.
- I disabled all my addons and cleared my cache/cookies.
- I use the hotkey action before typing the word out instead of highlighting the word and then using the hotkey. If I highlight it and use the hotkey it will not duplicate this bug.

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