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EON vs shattered galaxy?

LodorLodor Member UncommonPosts: 13

From everything I have seen and heard EON is just a remade shattered galaxy.

Can anyone explain why I would be wrong with that comparision.


  • zevni78zevni78 Member UncommonPosts: 1,131

    It is SG 2.0


    Not that that's a bad thing, SG is over 10 yrs old, and not getting any more updates really.


    I would say there are some improvements in the use of PVE missions and PVE elements in the PVP, the graphics are far, far, far better, music is similier oddly enough, and you have unit variety with the 2 playable and one non-playable factions.


    There is more gameplay variety with special units and attacks, and the maps are more interesting, with varied control points, choke points, and locations. You don't have a rather pointless human avatar to control either.


    I can't say any more, (everything here is public knowlege) but I would give it a try, see it as a successor.


    I still play SG for old times sake, but at least I have another choice now.

  • spookytoothspookytooth Member Posts: 508

    all this time I had thought EoN had the typical rts kinda thing going on. But if its like shattered galaxies then thats bad ass. SG has always been underated and under-the-radar.

  • zevni78zevni78 Member UncommonPosts: 1,131
    It's amazing how SG never took off or inspired clones like major or pioneering RTS or MMORPG titles, it remained unique till EON, and there are still some ideas from SG I miss not being in EON, such as being able to have every type of unit from the start, infantry, planes, vehicles and a complete alien set. Each faction in EON is divided into 2 groups, limited what type of units each character can have, though you can still have a fare amount of variety once you research.
    Hopefully beta will mean we get a lot more players, then things will really open up with more battles at one time, on bigger maps, this Alpha is similar to SG now, too few players though for the opposite reason.
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