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Any current info?

So i remember way back...this was a game mentioned by a decent amount of people as a game they were excited for, this was prior to release.

Havent heard anything about it, and actually saw it here and i thought i would at least see if theres any current info on the game , seems all the posts are old ect.


So...whats this games catch?

Im interested in a side game however it seems a whole lot of the newish f2p mmorpgs that i had missed over the past couple years are all class gender locked and i refuse to play those games, its just lazy development and cost cutting and it limits the classes ill play...not bad if they have a male class of my liking but asians seem to go female for the good DPS classes for some reason.

What went wrong with this game, im assuming it flopped majorly....do people still play this?

Was this the last attempt at the "asian grinder" and if so does it at least provide a vast array of farmable items and fun gameplay?

Or is this game nothing but bots and spammer...

Any current reviews/state of the game/impressions that are current would be nice.


I did see how a shady game publisher was running the game and now a less shady one runs it..webzen...i dont recall playing any of their games but the name is familair in a negative way.

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