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TERABAD - I Want A Refund



  • mcrippinsmcrippins Member RarePosts: 1,322
    Originally posted by Dredphyre
    TERABAD? Not bad.  How about TERAble?  lol..I don't know, haven't played it. I have to ask about the girls though. The Marketing PR around this game claims there's lots of girls playing it. Last I heard there were 12 Spanish dental hygenists, 1 Swedish model, and 13 Hentai voice actresses ( a number that also happens to be their age).   And these are just the girls that the market department are telling us about...there's got to be tons more!

    I actually know 4 girls playing this game, and they are all Elins. They think the race is adorable. 

  • aesperusaesperus Member UncommonPosts: 5,135

    Unfortunately the OP isn't wrong about what he says (although he isn't saying much). The game just doesn't have a whole lot to do in it. It has some interesting ideas, but by far the biggest and only really significant thing the game brings to the table is the combat. The combat is good enough that a lot of people are able to look passed / forgive most of the game's shortcomings because they love it so much. Which is unfortunate, because the game does have a lot of potential. If the game had more to it, it could easily be toppling most of the other AAA MMOs atm.

  • lufiazlufiaz Member UncommonPosts: 122
    Originally posted by Drealgrin
    It's another Korean MMOclone crapfest, just like Aion was before it. I'll never understand why a westerner would buy this type of game when there are SO many that are EXACTLY the same for free if you just look online.

    I'm living in SEA and EME has given me a finger about playing TERA. If you know any  FREE game, that has an open world, extremly gorgeous graphics and especially non tab-target combat please share it with me. RaiderZ, Dragon Nest, Vindictus and C9 come to mind but none can compare to TERA - ok graphics, action combat but they are all instanced.

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