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Tries to fly based solely on the popularity of TV Show

DargokDargok Member Posts: 14

This game has no content, all you do is run around in one of the worst modeled worlds I have ever seen and do retarded "quests" which just invovles talking to people and being annoyed to death by Quagmire everytime something happens. If you are an obsessive Family Guy fan this will only satisfy you for about an hour, for everyone else, run far far away.

All your MMOs are belong to me.


  • ShariestShariest Member Posts: 44

    Yes... After trying to log in for 2-3 times i get in, make a chracter play for an hour or two.But now it has been weeks, i don't find any reason to return, YET. They are adding new things all the time, i hope.

    I wan't to try defending this game, but only positive thing that comes to my mind is: "Well,the idea's good"

    Family Guy has a weird history, it has already done some things as "World 1st", but sadly the team behind the game needs to try even harder to make this game something else, than bunch of things many gamers think are wrong in the mmo's + Family Guy.


    Edit:Oh this topic was THAT old... Excuse me, sorry :)

    *Not a native speaker, grammatical errors likely to be included*

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