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PlaneShift has arrived!

TaladTalad PlaneShift DeveloperMember UncommonPosts: 83

A new patch is ready with some very important fixes and additions. PlaneShift has arrived!

  • Fixed disappearing terrain when grass is turned on
  • Fixed crash in arena sound
  • Fixed jump inertia, now jump should look more natural
  • Fixes to new npc dialog: fixed display of answers (was broken). Correct handling of riddle answers. Removed double bubbles.
  • Fixed voiceover in tutorial, it's now fully available.
  • Fixed all default options in new installed clients (example sound turned on, weather turned off)
  • Added automatic way to spawn items on top of natural resource locations (example flowers/plants). This will make hunting for plants/ingredients much easier.
  • Added a number of new icons and 3d models for plants/herbs
  • Herbal crafting, it's now possible to craft herbal recipes. Quests/events are coming!!
  • Enchanting gems. It's now possible for wizards to enchant gems. Quests/events are coming!!
  • Blacksmiths can set enchanted gems into armor to produce magic resistant armors. Quests/events are coming!!
  • New loading screens
  • Fixed char creation traits selection (also added new ylian face)
  • Updated pslaunch art
  • Improved Options menu. More relevant items at the top, added explanation of options available in Launcher.
  • Improved in game Help window.
  • Added quickbar window to the main toolbar.
Come to play or enhance our game PlaneShift!
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