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Came back to FFXI after seeing a deal on amazon

sertioussertious Member Posts: 29

So after browsing and seeing the Abyssea Collection for 7.99 USD for a download, I recently purchased the game to give it a go again.  I've been playing WoW for way too long and of course used to play FFXI before WoW hit the scene.   Definately only a small portion of what I remember from the game.  The Field Manual seemed to be a nice touch to the intro leveling experience, but of course i'm still lost severly lol.  I made a toon on Ragnarok server but would be willing to delete it and start on antoher server if anyone has a good active friendly linkshell I could join.  Definately enjoying it and trying to find something to replace WoW, just want to see the player experience more before I make any major commitment. 

But if anyone has a good linkshell a returning player could join just let me know and let me know what server I can jump in and i'll definately make a new toon. 

Thanks all

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