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PlanetSide 2: Vanu Sovereignty Interview



  • AvatarBladeAvatarBlade Member UncommonPosts: 757
    Originally posted by firefly2003

    The news is all nice but when's beta start ? I got my beta key logged in months ago now I seriously want to test this game :D

    So gelous of you right now.

  • ZaltarkZaltark Member UncommonPosts: 437

    Ok so theres Military state, money/tech empire, and general band of renegades. I vote military. Who needs a shiny battlesuit/tank. I just want to blow stuff up.

  • NasherUKNasherUK Member UncommonPosts: 480

    This is the MMO I'm most looking foward to.  Planetside 1 was amazing until they ruined it with bad expansions, but it seems like SOE has learned from the mistakes (unlike EA etc).

    Open world MMOs with massive battles is something that has been seriously lacking in the past decade.  Most "MMOs" these days are heavily instanced and you can have maybe 150 people nearby in the open world before it lags to death, which is crap considering even planetside 1 had battles with up to (I think) 500 people at once...

  • HatefullHatefull Member EpicPosts: 2,399

    so what you're saying is:

    My lil red guy can kill the purple and yeloowish blue guys at will...yeah?

    If you want a new idea, go read an old book.

    In order to be insulted, I must first value your opinion.

  • heartlessheartless Member UncommonPosts: 4,993

    I used to play as Vanu in Planetside. Looks like I'm going to play as Vanu in Planetside 2 as well.

    The purple is just too much sexy.


  • gilgamesh42gilgamesh42 Member Posts: 300

      i wonder how sony will mess up this game


    .___. i no u will sony 


    .___. because i no


  • WeretigarWeretigar Member UncommonPosts: 600

    When did sony partner with ccp on Robocop?

  • tfwarlordtfwarlord Member Posts: 216

    Vanu ftw :D

  • SaladSnakeSaladSnake Member Posts: 1
    Originally posted by Mechanism
    I get why the VS have have a beef with the TR but it seems to me they don't have much of a reason to fight the NC beyond their hatred of gunpowder.

    Also, lore-wise it's the NC that first has a beef with the Vanu. The NC want humanity free from any sort of influence over their natural progression (darwinism and free-marketism), the Vanu with their alien influence obviously do not fit the bill.


    Simply put, the NC hate the VS because they dislike non-human technology. We didn't make it with our own hands.

  • Rocksteady77Rocksteady77 Member Posts: 2
    Can somebody please help me? I need to decide between VS and NC. I was originally going for the VS because they look really cool and have nice sci fi features. But the NC has more damage per shot... Which do you think I should do?
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