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(Dragon) Perpetual Dawn recruiting

blackthornnblackthornn Member UncommonPosts: 611

Perpetual Dawn is a Dragon Cabal for the soon-to-be-released MMO, The Secret World. We are a small group of experienced gamers who share a vision for the cabal. At its bones, our mission is quite simple. Enjoy the game. Be excellent at the game. Create an environment of respect, humor, and friendship in the cabal.

But that, you are thinking, is what every single cabal says. I mean, imagine a cabal saying the opposite. We want to hate the game, disrespect each other, and generally be miserable. Want to join? Hmmm that's not a bad recruiting pitch actually. It would at least be attention-catching.

So what makes Perpetual Dawn unique?

Who would like Perpetual Dawn?

-  Players who are interested in PvE progression and team-based PvP.
-  Players who define fun as excelling at their characters, tackling the hardest challenges, and being generally awesome.
-  Experienced gamers who want to help build up the cabal based on their experiences in previous games.
-  Players who don't want the anonymity and complexity of large guilds.
-  Players want to be a standard for excellence in The Secret World.
-  PD will predominantly run EST timezone event times.

Game Focus

Our focus will be on PvE raid progression and team-based PvP. We want to tackle the hardest shit in the game and succeed. We want to roflstomp the best in PvP. But we've also been around the hardcore block and don't want to create that hyper-competitive, negative, and all-consuming atmosphere. We will keep our game goals in perspective and promote friendship, humor, and kindness within the cabal.

Small Cabal size

Ever been in a guild that always spammed recruitment pitches to anyone and everyone? Felt that the measure of success was the number of members? That absolutely will not happen here.

As you read on the TSW forums post, we aim to keep PD small, initially up to 20 players. This will allow us enough buffer to fill the raids (10 people) while accommodating schedules and attrition.

Rules and systems based on common sense and trust
Please see Rules for specifics

This applies to everything from DKP to Crafting to whatever else arises as we venture into this new game. Essentially we mean to say that the administrative side of PD will not be like the tax code or law school.
We are a small cabal, and this works in our favor. We won't need extensive rules that guard against people exploiting the system. There's this funny thing that happens when you treat people like they are smart, sensible, and fair... they tend to act that way. Do the opposite and start nickle-and-diming people and expecting them to cheat, and that's what you'll get.

Minimal Hierarchy

You won't see a dozen ranks creating unnecessary tiers between members. PD will be participatory and inclusive for members.

Voice server

We have a Mumble Voice server, accessible once you become a member. Ability to at least listen will be required for raiding.



for more info, or to apply, please visit Perpetual Dawn Homepage

 Grouping in Old school mmo's: meeting someone at the bar and chatting, getting to know them before jumping into bed.  Current mmo's grouping: tinder.  swipe, hookup, hope you don't get herpes, never see them again.


  • blackthornnblackthornn Member UncommonPosts: 611

    Still a few open spots for this Cabal.  Give us a look and see what you think.


    Amazing community building up right now.  Some great discussions, theorycrafting and prep for the game launch.

     Grouping in Old school mmo's: meeting someone at the bar and chatting, getting to know them before jumping into bed.  Current mmo's grouping: tinder.  swipe, hookup, hope you don't get herpes, never see them again.
  • DragimDragim Member UncommonPosts: 867

    Bump for application -Shawndhi.

    Someone has to fight the fight against the Illuminati zerg! (or so it would seem from Beta)

    I am entitled to my opinions, misspellings, and grammatical errors.

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