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not happy.

xcaliber22xcaliber22 Member Posts: 3

iv put a lot of time money and effort into this game and i think this is bad quality service, i cant send you a direct email about my problems with the game, how do you expect people to keep playing this game when they cant resolve anything, in all i love the game and i know you guys have been attacked so your web site is down, but you should have backup plans for this kind of thing so your "paying" customers are still getting 100% support.


please sort this out as myself and a lot of other people will be looking down on this !


  • rpgamer13rpgamer13 Member UncommonPosts: 73

    backup plan. how many times has the forums been attacked to take down?  i think this first time. although i've only played 1. 5yrs   (fool me once though.   this should never happen again after this. at least without a backup plan.)

    Rolf comes to this forum to check on us or at least a CA has. cus they post how to fix some issues

    they said 2 weeks est. time to fix. been a week. hope they will be up soon.


    but at same time i do agree with you. for technical issues or payments. they should setup a temp site or email  to help out. maybe even irc ot chat room with CA working them.  is the irc still up. been long time since i checked. i tried contacting them about paypal not working for subs for me for over 6 months. i gave up and bought prepaid credit cards. but after 12 months i can use paypal again. very odd. paypal said not sure why i could then couldn't and then could again. was a wurm online issue.



  • AetherwalkerAetherwalker Member Posts: 38

    I have no clue what you're talking about, if you need support, /dev in game, hit the crew up on IRC or Twitter, email them (I think it's [email protected], which would make sense), there's really no excuse to "not be able to contact them" just because the forums are down.

    "Take my love, take my land,
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    But you can't take the sky from me... "

  • rruerrue Member Posts: 2

    its easy to contact them, easier then most games

  • brash99brash99 Member UncommonPosts: 94

    According to your other thread, they had you fixed and back ingame about an hour after you posted your error logs, problem was some sound issue on your end.

    That's a pretty good response time, some tother games are not that fast even in the best of times!



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