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Hellgate Global: Equipment Genius!

KyuubeyKyuubey Member Posts: 69

After the creative battle that was the “Hell’s Billboard” contest, it’s time now for the second leg of our May events! Introducing “Equipment Genius;” the game that tests your knowledge of the various weapons in the demonic world of Hellgate. Killing your enemy is only one part of the battle. Knowing the right tools for the job is the other. Please refer to the banner below for the rules of this contest.

The event will start tomorrow so ready yourselves and (if you’d like) study the armory of all classes. Remember that it’s those who are best prepared that are the ones suited to win. (Tip: Don’t study weapons higher than Legendary grade. They won’t be included in the contest)

To everyone joining, good luck and may the smartest crusaders win!

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