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Guest Pass Request/Offer Thread



  • ArkhamArkham Member UncommonPosts: 8
    Anyone have a spare guest pass they would be willing to part with? I would appreciate it. US player here. Thanks!
  • RattsRatts Member Posts: 48

    If anyone has a Guest Pass they'd be willing to PM me, would appreciate it.

    I did share two TSW beta keys, so no one thinks I'm a leech (or at least just a leech)  :)

  • almerelalmerel Member UncommonPosts: 657

    I could've sworn I posted a tria key request last night, but perhaps in my half dazed state I failed lol


    I want this game with the fiercness of a 1000 suns but my wife will not let me drop the $60 since we just preordered GW2. I'm hoping that after I get the key and let the wife try the game she will be willing to let me get at least 1 copy. Since she is a SAHM now I told her it could be a job for her with the cash AH. I know that if she likes it and has the option to make cash I will own at least 1 copy by the end of the day if not 2 :-)


    Part of the Bartertowne gaming community.

  • grasshopperNutzgrasshopperNutz Member UncommonPosts: 25

    Pm'd you a key

  • grasshopperNutzgrasshopperNutz Member UncommonPosts: 25

    Pm'd you a key :)

  • TwwIXTwwIX Member Posts: 203
    Originally posted by come2play87

    Pm'd you a key



    Thank you!

  • SeVikNikSeVikNik Member Posts: 1

    someone please one EU guest  pass =)


    I'm really looking for a EU guest pass, someone has one left? Highly appreciated!!

  • magicmissmagicmiss Member Posts: 1

    I'l love to have EU pass too if anyone still has them, thanks!

  • mastasnipemastasnipe Member Posts: 7

    Would love to see if my labtop could handle the game. Looking for a US Key if anyone would be so kind

  • GrubbsGradyGrubbsGrady Member UncommonPosts: 371

    I'd really appreciate a US key! Just want to get a feel for the game before I decide to pick it up this weekend, thank you :)

  • Leguma11Leguma11 Member UncommonPosts: 32

    A Eu Key would be cool here too . Wanna see whats with the game before i buy it ! :) PM if u have a spare one ! THX ! 

  • 9ineven9ineven Member UncommonPosts: 168

    I would like a EU guest pass if anyone have one (or two, for a friend of mine) to give.

    Thanks :D

  • nohoahnohoah Member Posts: 5

    I would appericate a US key if someone has one to spare.

  • MagaskaweelMagaskaweel Member UncommonPosts: 35

    I ask for a EU key, thanks in advance.

  • Zipp_23Zipp_23 Member Posts: 25

    Hey guys, I still have both of my Guest pass keys.. kinda forgot about them.

    PM me a funny joke to get one.

    Also have one WOW Guest pass key.

    Dont forget to say what key you want, D3 or WOW.

    Edit:  Keys to D3 are gone, only key to wow left

  • HelixBlack1313HelixBlack1313 Member UncommonPosts: 5

    I would like a US guest pass if anyone has a spare.  Thanks in advance! :)

  • DzagoDzago Member Posts: 3

    Could someone share EU guest pass?

  • andreykallaandreykalla Member Posts: 1

    Any more EU guest passes?I could use one if you are so kind to give me :D.Also i have WoW guest pass for trade if you want.

  • j_shep85j_shep85 Member Posts: 7

    I would highly appreciate a US guest pass if anyone has any spares.





  • ExalkiusExalkius Member Posts: 1

    I have my 2 diablo 3 guest pass keys left (for EU)

    I'm willing to trade them for a SMITE or Dota 2 betakey.



  • michalek1220michalek1220 Member Posts: 1


    My Friends Bought Diablo3 In Internet Shop, Empik and Media Markt but nobody got GP key. I'd like to play trial versionbut I haven't got a key.... Please PW me with key ;P

  • trulistrulis Member Posts: 2

    Could someone pm me with a quest pass please? I want to try the game before i buy it .

  • ettern417ettern417 Member Posts: 2

    i would like a guest pass for us plz

  • ettern417ettern417 Member Posts: 2

    i need a guest pass if anyone is willing to share it can you pm me

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