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Everyone who's got the game gets a guest pass...

ValuaValua Member Posts: 520

Guest pass - play for free until level 13 or until the end of chapter one, you can only group with other guest pass users.


I'll be giving mine away to the first person who comments below :)


(In one month from tomorrow you can get a free guest pass by having a BattleNet account.)


  • DoggettDoggett Member Posts: 39

    I could use one ;)

  • DEATHRAMENTDEATHRAMENT Member UncommonPosts: 700

    If anyone else has one and wouldn't mind parting with it, i'd like to get it.

    Thanks to anyone in advance.

  • dubyahitedubyahite Member UncommonPosts: 2,483
    I read that only people with box copies get one. Digital download is excluded.

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  • Terminus-EstTerminus-Est Member UncommonPosts: 352

    If you have a spare one, I would like one. I have preordered, but Amazon say it won't arrive until tomorrow.

  • xenoracexenorace Member UncommonPosts: 205

    I find it unjust to not give the people who got a digital copy a quest pass. Considering that we pay the same price either way, and considering Blizzard makes more money off a digital copy because they do not have to pay for that retail spot.

    So long story short, I'd love to give my guest pass away but gaming companies be trippin.

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  • KostKost Member CommonPosts: 1,975

    Originally posted by dubyahite

    I read that only people with box copies get one. Digital download is excluded.


  • KalstarkKalstark Member Posts: 63

    yea if anyone has one thatd be awesome

  • DeathspankDeathspank Member UncommonPosts: 139

    Can confirm that only box copies get it, as i have the digital download version and don't have any guest passes attached to my account.


    Would like to point out, that though the guest pass is needed to get in now, they will later activate the starter edition and the game will be available to everyone as a unlimited demo upto the Skelly King like it was in the open beta.


    More Info here. 


    Also, they had initially said the starter edition would be active 1 month after the games release but they have now changed it to "until further notice"


  • JakardJakard Member Posts: 415

    Question about the guest pass. Did only people who bought a boxed copy get this?

  • EverketEverket Member UncommonPosts: 244

    Yes only the ones with a boxed copy gets a guess pass key - I think.


    That said I wouldn't mind  a guess pass key!

  • xenoracexenorace Member UncommonPosts: 205

    Ya digital copy here and no guest pass to give out.

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