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Shadow Sanctuary

HerithiusHerithius Member UncommonPosts: 183

It has been recently decided with great anticipation that Shadow Sanctuary will be entering Mourning.

We are a guild that thrives on PvP but does so under a noble and mature conduct. We don't grief but we protect our own and defend our allies with our last breath. Currently our community has 150 members playing the games of Lineage II and World of Warcraft. With the sudden decision to play Mourning it is unsure our numbers at release so we are looking for people to help found the community with us.

Shadow Sanctuary is a guild of mature gamers who enjoy PvPing for a reason and a cause. We do not have a strict hierarchy of following orders at all cost because we consider every one our friends of equal standing. To be effective in combat we have come to realize its more important to fight alongside your good friends than adhere to a strict code of orders.

We take our guild and our community very seriously. We have high aspirations in all the games we play and put our efforts tirelessly to reach those goals.

I could go on but if the above principles are something you share and wish to help build a community in Mourning then my advice is to visit us at....

With the help of the artist Lesmana(known for his Shadowbane comics), we are also launching a comic series of our guilds adventures in Mourning debuting March 5 and continuing indefinetly.

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