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Skirmishes, Random Kills & PvP Logs

postehposteh Member Posts: 1

I'll post logs later, I am frustrated it was a rough night of pvp for Mongols, JK, and BL with Mol Rehan getting kills in on every kingdom. :/


[05:10:36] Smeagain slain by Dragonpen Iamnoob Blazinasian Savagescholz Irish

[08:03:02] Rafis slain by Iamnoob Dragonpen Silvereyedlion

[08:03:21] Psmaster slain by Iamnoob Dragonpen Silvereyedlion

[08:59:55] Camdogy slain by Iamnoob Dragonpen Silvereyedlion Yurikhunt

[09:10:17] Minimad slain by Dragonpen Iamnoob Silvereyedlion

[09:12:49] Camdogy slain by Dragonpen Silvereyedlion

[09:16:31] Siligon slain by Iamnoob Dragonpen Silvereyedlion

Out classed on all fronts by the MR, we'll do better next time guys!


  • BriganderBrigander Member Posts: 47

                [19:50:47] Dragonpen slain by Smeagain Dubby 

    [00:24:02] Yurikhunt slain by Ord Oinkpoink Ryaa Minimad Fable Oniichan Borken

    [00:25:56] Dragonpen slain by Ord Oinkpoink Fable Ryaa Minimad Oniichan Siligon Borken Candee 

    [00:27:02] Iamnoob slain by Ord Dragonpen Oinkpoink Ryaa Fable Minimad Borken Candee



    Dragonpen originally charged at Smeagain and Dubby, quickly died in only 30 seconds (forgot his armor).  Then got furious and started screaming in local.

    They all returned, and then you three all died hilariously (Yurik died to a horse), Dragonpen started attacking Iamnoob accidently.  On the corpse of Iamnoob we found 1 GOLD COIN, LOL, WHY WOULD YOU CARRY THAT AROUND?  Thanks for the one gold, MR!  

    The other two guys Savage and irish begged in local, and ran into the woods  and tried to hide.  Was so sad.  



    Once again proven fact - MR always dies in this game.  Glad I didn't join them, they lost a whole gold, and wiped out!  

  • spider32spider32 Member Posts: 7

    lol your lucky is that you beceom here no bann and i hope rolf work fast to make new homepage and beter homepage


    i hate guys what lie



  • LibilaMyWifeLibilaMyWife Member Posts: 2

    Originally posted by spider32

    i hate guys what lie

    You mean like the original poster who would have us believe he is not MR? haha made me laugh thankyou, not to mention the half truths in only posting the parts of the death tab that suited him, I especially liked the spawn camping on poor Camdogy though.

    But the thing that made me really laugh the hardest was 'AntonioVerde' when he had this to say in another thread - "Even got a kill on the Mongol capital deed. :)"

    Not sure I would want to brag about killing the biggest carebear on Elevation, its hardly a challenge when she is likely the most retarded and unco Mongol there is. Also, since Kellyt got permabanned the only other person more likely to show up on death tab is Dragonpen.

  • AnkkarochAnkkaroch Member Posts: 1

    Well as long as you guys don't join JK. Basically they are Epic's punching bags, raided daily and farmed for battlerank. No idea why they stay, I think everyone in NT is taking crazy pills. It really is quite pathetic.

  • LibilaMyWifeLibilaMyWife Member Posts: 2

    Looks like you guys had some more fun

    [05:10:03] Dragonpen slain by Smeagain Awakening
    [05:13:36] Irish slain by Trollface Gomeo Smeagain Awakening
    [05:17:35] Smeagain slain by Lavatar Blazinasian Silvereyedlion Pipe Benovolent Acer Yurikhunt Santhire
    [05:24:17] Knightstar slain by Gomeo Trollface Jayrne Awakening
    [05:24:22] Lavatar slain by Trollface Jayrne Gomeo Kyrian Madrocks Awakening
    [05:25:06] Blazinasian slain by Jayrne Gomeo Trollface Madrocks Awakening
    [05:25:50] Santhire slain by Jayrne Gomeo Awakening
    [05:26:12] Silvereyedlion slain by Jayrne Trollface Gomeo Kyrian Madrocks
    [05:26:39] Yurikhunt slain by Jayrne Trollface Gomeo Kyrian Madrocks Awakening
    [05:30:23] Acer slain by Jayrne Gomeo Kyrian Awakening

    I think the logs speak for themself really

  • XallozZXallozZ Member Posts: 5
    Haha! You guys should stop. First, Father wiped all of you out, and now you all got slaughtered. Just give up already!
  • spider32spider32 Member Posts: 7

    lol there all like pvp not how you freedom noob

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