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Gameforge EU delay English 3.0 for German & French translations, populations on the decline...

NortonGBNortonGB Member UncommonPosts: 279

Sadly for the main core of Aion EU populations on their five english servers are being forced to wait for Aion 3.0

The Gameforge policy is losing them money!

Will they run it down and pull out like thy did with Ryzom after only 7 months?


  • ConnmacartConnmacart Member UncommonPosts: 721

    After 2 weeks of having to deal with their support. They proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they lack the Capacity, Knowledge and Skill to run an MMO. Like Frogster stay away from anything they touch.

  • MrP3inMrP3in Member UncommonPosts: 49

    sad but true :/

  • karlz0rkarlz0r Member Posts: 158

    I read from the official forums that we can only expect the EU Aion 3 at the end of summer.

    It's pathetic.

    The pirates are already playing Aion V3 and we are stuck  here with nothing.

    Cya EU Aion.

  • Lord_AthonLord_Athon Member UncommonPosts: 165

    And it keeps on going...

    The discussion about this issue on the oficcial forum was locked by the Moderator. I really dont understand why this kind of approach but maybe they know why, or dont.

    really, ill take a break on the eu servers and give a try un the Us, and probably its not me ^-^

    GF, above all, we need a date.

  • karlz0rkarlz0r Member Posts: 158

    If I recall correctly, Europe Aion's V3 launch is supposedly in August. 

    With this pace, I can't help but to express my thoughts, that there seem to be only a handful of inexperienced people dealing with the updating process.

  • Lord_AthonLord_Athon Member UncommonPosts: 165


    (i dont give a damn for my char name.)

    Frogster=Gameforge and 2+2=?

    Oh... that's

  • GrunimGrunim Member UncommonPosts: 172

    I'm not surprised EU populations are on the decline.  Some of us who live in NA began on the EU servers since they launched F2P before NCSoft did.

    Each day, I'm meeting more people on NA servers who say they are European.   It'll be interesting to see where most of the EU players on NA servers go once GameForge launches 3.0.

  • OtomoxOtomox Member UncommonPosts: 303

    I would rather play the 3.0 English version than waiting for the translated german version. So pathetic of gameforge.

  • MrP3inMrP3in Member UncommonPosts: 49

    GF sux :S ...3.0 in august i supose. ( if we are lucky)

  • korat102korat102 Member Posts: 313

    I had problems even getting an account set up correctly with Gameforge. I just went straight on to the NA servers with NCSoft as a result. 

    Had no lag issues from the UK. Never had any of those sorts of problems with Guild Wars so not expecting any with Aion either.

    So far so good anyway...

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