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Red Stone Character Selection

LLunaticLLunatic Member Posts: 10

Interested in playing Red Stone? Check out the available classes!
If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer everything I can.

Squire - This battle ready fighter is equipped with a sword and shield. The Squire is able to quickly and efficiently take out single targets close range with devastating multi blows, withstand massive amounts of damage and block to save his life. This is an ideal character for PvP action. The fun doesn’t stop there. Build him as a magic wielding master of the wind, unleashing devastating tornados from a distance that damage and stun multiple enemies at once. Can transform into Warrior.

Warrior - Built on brute strength this fighter relies on a huge double handed sword to slash down his enemies in a fury of lightning fast attacks. Overall the physical damage powerhouse he is able to smash his opponents into the ground leaving them wishing they had not messed with such a powerful foe. Take enemies on 1v1 with fantastic strength and accuracy or choose to unleash the spirit of the dragon and annihilate enemies by the dozen in a beautiful show of area of effect magic damage. Can transform into Squire.

Archer - Amazingly graceful the Archer wields her bow with precision. Able to deal great amounts of damage from afar she is not a force to be meddled with. Shooting her arrows into the sky she is able to keep a continuous stream of devastating damage focused on her target. Perfect strategy for exciting guild vs guild combat. Her amazing grace and accuracy is not limited by her physical arrows, no, this beautiful woman can call upon her concentration and will to unleash huge waves of raining fire and ice onto her enemies allowing her to defeat hordes of foes. Can transform into Lancer.

Lancer - This lance wielding fighter relies on her speed and cunning to defeat her enemies and keep her from harms way. Able to clone herself to completely surround her enemy she is able to flank from all sides dealing massive amounts of physical damage in a split second. Keeping the enemy always guessing she makes clones of herself and dodges out of the way of oncoming attacks. A most effective fighter she is. She can destroy her foes in an entrapment of spears end or she can choose to wield the elements. Spinning her spear above her head she imbues it with the elements of fire and ice to damage and freeze all enemies in her range. Can transform into Archer.

Tamer - A most versatile hero, the Tamer relies on her ability to communicate with animals and monsters to defeat her enemies. With so many pets to choose from she has endless possibilities. Tame a claw wielding succubus who quickly shreds and stuns her targets, or an Elf who assassinates its victims, or maybe a huge brown bear who smashes the ground damaging and stunning anything near by. With so many options you can never get bored. Can transform into Summoner.

Summoner - This amazingly talented girl has the ability to summon creatures of amazing power. Each summon she is able to call forth has its own strengths and skills to offer in combat. Able to do amazing amounts of area of effect damage this girl is not someone you want to mess with. The melody of her flute lulls her enemies stunning, confusing or putting them to sleep while her summons ravage them. She may look like just a cute little girl but this little girl packs a punch. Can transform into Tamer.

Thief - Best hidden in the shadows this master of the throwing darts is able to quickly incapacitate his enemies. He an array of traps to stun, damage, poison and immobilize his victims while throwing darts in a complete 360 degree circle around him. Able to disarm traps and find hidden treasure chests the thief is a very good friend to have. His natural avoidance and luck make him a powerful adversary in war. Be sure to check your pockets because the thief could have easily stolen something without you even noticing. Can transform into Monk.

Monk - This amazingly agile martial artist doesn’t need a weapon to destroy his enemies. He is able to land precise critical blows on his enemies with just his hands and feet. A master of illusion he is able to avoid even the most powerful of enemies and make his way through hordes to get to his destination. Most effective in guild siege wars this mysterious cloaked man could be the secret weapon against another guild. Can transform into Thief.

Priest - This burley man is a vital part of every team. Able to cure wounds and status ailments, revive the dead and offer powerful resistance and buffs to his allies he is a much appreciated friend and brother in arms. His proficiency is not only in the healing of his allies though, no, do not underestimate this mace wielding beast. When given the opportunity he will bash his enemies down with fantastic force. A very effective soloist and very well liked team player the Priest is a great choice in every situation. Can transform to Angel.

Angel - A broken and bleeding fallen angel sent down from the heavens, this creature is not to be crossed. He sacrifices his own blood to unleash powerful light attacks on his enemies and calls upon the holy power to heal his party and damage his foes. Able to keep his group together even in the worst of situations he calls them to his side giving them temporary buffs and resistances. Calling on his holy lineage he has the ability to trap his targets in magic bondage while he weakens and annihilates them. Make way for the Angel as he will destroy anyone who stands in his way. Can transform to Priest.

Magician - This amazingly knowledgeable young man wields the power of the elements. Equipped with only a staff and his knowledge he is able to easily tear through groups of enemies in his path. Extreme bursts of water, powerful bolts of lightning and devastating wind and meteors are at his will to bring onto his foes. He buffs himself and his allies with damaging, avoidance and defensive skills and has the ability to call forth the power of the earth to heal. Choose to wield magnificent elemental power or learn the ways of becoming effective with your staff. Learn how to critically hit targets with accuracy and ease. A perfect soloist and great team ally the Mage offers much. Can transform into Werewolf.

Werewolf - This wolf like beast uses his animal rage to fuel his grizzly attacks. Able to savagely tear the flesh from his victims he is a powerful force. Don’t let his cute fluffy tail appearance fool you. This ravage beast is out for blood. Go on a clawing rampage to rip your foes to pieces or choose to focus your rage into bursts of mental control damaging all those around you. This is not a good house pet. Can transform into Magician.

Princess - Born to royalty this young princess thinks she knows it all. A little healing and status resistance. Throw this or throw that. A little log rolling and a little crushing enemies beneath her grotesquely blown up body. The ability to change into any weapon. She thinks she is the best. An extremely versatile young lady she dabbles in many areas of combat. Useful for so many things this princess is a great ally and friend. Just don’t make her cry. Can transform into Little Witch.

Little Witch - This talented Little witch calls upon her knowledge of music and Astronomy to aid her in battle. Able to offer powerful buffs to her party she moves to the beat of her own drum. Raining falling stars and ultra novas down on her enemies weakening and killing them. She may look like a lady but really she’s a killing machine. Coupled with her counterpart she is an extremely good soloist and alone she makes for some great team play. Get your disco shoes on we are going dancing by starlight tonight. Can transform into Princess.

Necromancer - This strange looking creature loves the dead. The only thing that she loves more than the dead is bending her enemies to her will. Unleashing powerful curses she is able to slow, weaken, and deal damage to all her targets with such ease. Able to equip most any weapons she is extremely instrumental in all combat. Reanimate the dead, make them your pet, curse and belittle your enemies to make them your puppets or choose to just beat them down with solid force. This is where nightmares are made. Can transform into Demon.

Demon - This beautiful seductress loves to play with whips and chains. Luring her enemies in with her song of sorrow she traps them in the spiders web and gasses them with poison. She calls upon the gates of hell to entrap her victims the worms of the earth to rise up and devour them. Made of sheer darkness this gorgeous she-devil can enchant her whips with searing flames dealing massive amounts of damage to her targets. The allure of her song and the sensual aura of her being is sure to get the better of her enemies. Can transform into Necromancer.

Spiritualist - This amazingly beautiful woman has death by her side. Wielding a huge scythe she chops down her enemies while summoning deaths hand to reach up and steal their souls. She is driven by the souls she collects, they strengthen her and allow her the power to buff and heal herself. Given the opportunity she will strategically attack her foes to disable their abilities, silence their spells and make them vulnerable. Don’t even try to run away from her, swinging her scythe quickly around her she pulls her enemies back into her range so she can continue to harvest their souls. Can transform into Champion.

Champion - Calling forth the power of the animal spirits the Champion is able to quickly and savagely claw her victims to death. Moving with the speed of a cobra, the brute of a bull, the strength of bear, the precision of a hawk she is almost too fast for the eye to see. Enemies who take her on don’t even know what happened till its too late. Unleashing lightning speed consecutive attacks on a single target or devastating area of effect on all in her range she is a most effective killer. Self buffs give her added animal attributes and make her even more dangerous a foe. Can transform into Spiritualist.

Opticalist - A strange young white haired boy, his origin is somewhat of a mystery. He wields nothing but his book and his knowledge. This extremely talented young man has mastered the power of light. Using reflected beams of light he is able to blind and damage his foes with the greatest of ease. On the other hand he has mastered the art of Beats. Small bomb like bulbs that attach themselves onto his target. He uses these beats to weaken enemies then when the time is right detonate them for massive amounts of damage. A powerful ally the Opticalist also possesses the power to buff his comrades with the power of light. New counterpart character coming soon.

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