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How do I login my current account to my new PS3 game?

dragonsidragonsi Member UncommonPosts: 74

I downloaded it about 3 months ago, sometime after the new year started, and it's forcing me to start from scratch and make a guy and new account. I already played for a good 2-3 months way back when it was first released, then also when Soccer first came out as an update, I remember.


I paid to be a member for 2 months, (the $10 price is nothing compared to 2 years of Wow, 2 1/2 years of FF11, etc.) and I have 1/2 of my "members only" jobs to level 20. 


How do I login with my current account on my newly set up PS3 version? If I can't, should I just uninstall it then instead?


  • dragonsidragonsi Member UncommonPosts: 74

    Bump, 9 days later, no reply yet.

    Bump 25 days later.

  • dragonsidragonsi Member UncommonPosts: 74
    Bump! 3 months later, and NO ONE knows the answer to this? Ridiculous!
  • dragonsidragonsi Member UncommonPosts: 74
    Bump 4 1/2 months later and NO ONE has an answer to this question, ridiculous!
  • gorro187gorro187 Member UncommonPosts: 234
    Email sony or call them. Youll only get a answer from them. In 4 and 1/2 months you havent done that i don't know what to say.
  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    im not 100% sure but i dont think PC and PS3 share the same servers or logins


    if you want to play the PS3 version of the game, probably have to use a new acct


    SOE has Livechat offered weekdays


    Chat Live With Customer Support
    If you have searched the Knowledge Base and require further assistance, you can chat live with an SOE support representative.

        Live chat is available Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm PST.



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