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Dragon's Dogma demo

gaeanprayergaeanprayer Member UncommonPosts: 2,341

So, the demo is out, and has been for a few days now. Thoughts?


I've been following the game since its first preview a few years ago, it sounded pretty interesting, sort of a medieval version of Mass Effect (in a way Dragon Age never managed) but with the added importance of companion cooperation, plus a touch of Valkyrie Profile. 

I'm not quite as impressed as I thought I would be, though. It's a beautiful game, and the combat is fun enough, but from what I've played so far the boss fights are pretty standard fare. The element of companions SHOULD make it just the opposite, but with their automated process, it doesn't. Take for example the prologue battle with the chimera, the mage automatically silences and heals, the archer automatically...uh...arches? In the end the only thing that's left for you to do is swing at it until it's dead. True, it's only a demo, but I was expecting something a bit more intricate, and one would think as a demo they'd put their best face forward. On the plus side, none of those dreadful active event systems.

I also found that it was waaaaay too dark and underlit. It was quite difficult to see anything, though as I'm colorblind, that might have just been me.

Anyone else play it?

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  • doomspectredoomspectre Member Posts: 12

    I think we'll know more of how gameplay and combat mechanics work once we have a chance to play the actual game. the demo, i feel, served to share one of many dimensions of dragon's dogma; that of big epic battles. Hopefully the full game will offer more rewarding combat later in the game.

  • KuppaKuppa Member UncommonPosts: 3,292

    I LOVE how this game looks, left the demo downloading yesterday. I only wish it was available for PC. Most of the reviews Ive seen are good, anyone around here has tried it??



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