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EU or NA Volker Boenigk vs Adam Christensen?

NortonGBNortonGB Member UncommonPosts: 279

The difference with Aion free-to play NA vs EU is not only limited to their different business models.

So the lessons of the past that made Aion fail so badly in NA have not been learned because the newly announced rifting event is going to bring back the big ganking problem of PVP rifting that does great harm to the PVE populations.

The intention of Adam Christensen NA to continue with a failed PVP rifting system is clear where as Volker Boenigk  EU is quoted:  We are currently in discussions with NCSoft, to see how this system can be improved to ideally cater to all players. Both PvPers and PvEers, without having any negative impact on either group .!."

Fact: EU still has more than twice as many servers with 5 UK English alone.

This is mainly because Europeans are less aggressive where more Aion players enjoy less ganking and more of the brilliant adventure or discovery elements that devs have created in Aion.

So for those that enjoy more PVE freedom or fair PvP contests there is only one choice. Play Aion EU.




  • MrP3inMrP3in Member UncommonPosts: 49

    PVP EU = Zerg (Telemachus Ely total domination..70% ely vs 30 % inactive and bored asmos..perento = zergento, Spatalos = Pink killers and so on..) so the pvp is not so good as u think mate.


    ATM playing on Spatalos (transfered from Telemachus for about 1 year ago)

  • OtomoxOtomox Member UncommonPosts: 303

    You forgot that the EU Version was the first free version after many ppl see that gameforge needs so much time to get the 3.0 over to EU mass exodus started. Many of my guild moved over to ncsoft servers and im moving too.

  • MrP3inMrP3in Member UncommonPosts: 49

    ppl are gonna come back when 3.0 comes... but i agree with you NA is much better ...GF haz destroyed this game right now :S..sad but true

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