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this game is (un)officially dead

WudinnaWudinna Member UncommonPosts: 19

after years of waiting for this game i have to conclude this game is really dead now.... The website is dead, there is nothing.


so yeah... this info is very much out of date i'm sorry to say



  • DSTerraformerDSTerraformer Member Posts: 7

    Hello Wudinna,


    Yes, I know we've spent a long time in development. but the project is not dead.  We've made our share of mistakes over the years, for example the attempt to move as quickly as possible in to alpha and beta testing.  That was a huge mistake, and we paid for it.  We rolled back our design and started reworking many aspects of the game.  You may or may not know that we have a very small staff, and an extremely limited budget, but we are pressing forward.  Dark Solstice will go live, it's taking longer than we'd like - but we don't have loads of money and a large staff so things have been slow going.

    You're right, the website has been dead - but development is ongoing.  I'm working to change the flow of information.  It's partly my fault for the lack of updates.  In the past we had published information and our ideas on the website, only to see it lifted almost word for word and used elsewhere, so I became somewhat leery of posting ideas and concepts.

    I'll be sure to take some time to update the website and message boards. 

    We're currently working to raise funds to speed up the process.  I hope you will join us and experience the world for yourself.


    Take care,



  • thatkenguythatkenguy Member Posts: 58

    I can confirm that the project was never officially or unofficially dead.  It is in a form of close Alpha testing at the moment, all the core elements are basically there, now it is more of a task of fleshing it out.  This will take time for a small team.  Anyone who is interested only needs to check the forums and sign up for testing.  That is not a guarantee that they will get in, but it is the first step to seeing for yourself that this is a game actively in development.

  • rammur65rammur65 Member UncommonPosts: 98
    This game been dead the second they were bragging about it in what 05-06 just isnt gonna happen not this day and age unless they decide to go full indie just make a small niche game other than that u all lost me as a fan.
  • KeyloggerKeylogger Member Posts: 250

    Eh long term development cycles happen, and some are actually finished and released - like Darkfall I signed up for the beta in like 2000 or something and it didn't come out until 2009.

  • thatkenguythatkenguy Member Posts: 58

    The Dark Solstice forums are waking up, there is a facebook page and a twitter feed to follow.  They are having a little reward setup on facebook where they will hand out things to randomly selected people from the first 100 likes. 

    If you ever had interest or are just becomming aware of Dark Solstice, now is a good time to register on their forums and begin to find out what they have in store for us.

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