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Blog #11: Where the Wild Things Are - PvE experience

MumboJumboMumboJumbo Member UncommonPosts: 3,219

Goblinworks: Where the Wild Things Are


Theme Park vs. Sandbox PvE

Pathfinder Online has a primary emphasis on sandbox style content. In brief, that means that your character's actions will have persistent effects on the game world, that you'll be interacting with many other players and their characters, and that you'll be able to self-direct a lot of the challenges you set for yourself, creating interesting stories using various objects and systems in the game as you see fit.

Many people think PvE content is necessarily "theme park" style content. In other words, your character won't have a lasting effect on the PvE content, and you'll be expected to play in a reactive mode, responding to scripted challenges created by the developers as opposed to the actions of other players. We do see a place for some content like that in Pathfinder Online; the idea of "dungeon modules" is deeply engrained in the tradition that Pathfinder embodies. But we also think there are interesting ways to develop sandbox PvE content too.



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