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Spirit Tales: Live Stream Fashion Show

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,129

The Spirit Tales team has announced that it will be hosting the first ever live fashion show for Spirit Tales on May 4 at 3 PM on Friday, May 4th. The event will feature the amazing costume collection the team has planned for the game. There will be special giveaways during the event as well.




  • ebony739ebony739 Member Posts: 6
    forget the fashion show im ready to play this game....
  • billz09billz09 Member Posts: 3

    Location Of The Event Please:0


  • SpiritTalesSpiritTales Spirit TalesMember Posts: 2
  • LinkSmashLinkSmash Member Posts: 8

    Have you guys played recently? Totally dang adorable!!

    Anyways, Raptr's giving away free in-game goodies for those just getting started in the game. A free pet of your choice, permanent weapon buff, XP boost, that kind of stuff.

    Just check out this page here for all the info:

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