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Weightlifting / Fitness Slogans

killerTwinkiekillerTwinkie Member CommonPosts: 1,694

Looking for your help :)

Here are a few slogans i've heard of.  Looking for all the slogans you've heard of, or have thought of yourself. I'm trying to compile a list. So far, this is what i've found:


Stronger Than Death

Take No Days Off

Stronger than Steel

Strong Is The New Skinny

Lift Hard, Lift Heavy, Lift Often.

Hit It Hard


Fuck It. Just Lift

Live to Lift.

Man up. Lift Hard.

Shoulders Like Boulders

Shut Up and Lift.

Shut Up and Train

Make It Hurt Good

Fight Weakness With Strength

Eat Big, Lift Bigger

Sweat Is Just Your Fat Crying

Mind Creates Body

KillerTwinkie - That one guy who used to mod's forums.


  • DragonantisDragonantis Member UncommonPosts: 974

    One more pushup, you can rest when your dead!

    My old Tae Kwon Do Master used to yell that alot :)

  • DekronDekron Member UncommonPosts: 7,358

    Originally posted by killerTwinkie

    Sweat Is Just Your Fat Crying

    That one is golden.

  • WolfenprideWolfenpride Member Posts: 3,988
    squats and oats
  • killerTwinkiekillerTwinkie Member CommonPosts: 1,694

    Haha.. Dekron, out of them all I not surprised you like that one :). On my top spot too...

    Started lifting iron about two months ago and really getting into it. Decided to take its time, but my motivation hit 10/10. These sayings help  fuel the fire.

    KillerTwinkie - That one guy who used to mod's forums.

  • VampirVampir Member Posts: 4,239

    uhhh i hate it when people use those sayings....


    Ex. headphones and music of my choice


    98% of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you''re one of the 2% who hasn''t, copy & paste this in your signature.

  • ElikalElikal Member UncommonPosts: 7,912

    Found this, thought I share:

    People don't ask questions to get answers - they ask questions to show how smart they are. - Dogbert

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