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Saw it on steam

HauvarnHauvarn Member Posts: 220
Is it any good? anyone know?

Yes I played SWTOR.


  • WorstluckWorstluck Member Posts: 1,269

    It is your typical 'free2play' pay to win online RTS.  This is what I read that instantly turned me off, so much so I didn't even bother downloading the game:



    "Many of our players want to know about the advantages they can get if they buy equipment for Gems.

    Here you can read the main advantages of the premium equipment:

    1. You will moslty be one of the strongest players in your team and your forces will play a crucial role. So, if you want to play the leading role in battles – buy Gems.

    2. To maximize the level of abilities of Master Units you will need to buy jewellery and equipment for Gems. For example your Barbarian Berserk units will only have the 2nd level of their “Rage” ability if you don’t acquire gem equipment.

    3. Your units will mostly have wider shooting range and better fighting skills – which is and absolute fighting and tactical advantage.

    4. Moreover your secondary skills like Strength and Resistance will mostly be higher which will help in breaking through enemies or suppressing them.

    5. Gem equipment gives more possibilities and customization options when creating specialised units for different tasks.

    6. Gem weapons allow you to use special abilities which you can’t get for gold. For example you can buy bludgeoning club for your Undead army only for gems. All pikemen units have only pikes available for gold but you can choose between cleavers or halberds if you have gems."


    As far as gameplay I don't know sorry.  Looks like a Total War clone to me.  If you don't mind spending money on gems, might be fun, but personally I don't bother with games that sell stuff like that.  Good luck.


  • SilmasSilmas Member UncommonPosts: 13

    I just downloaded and played to level 3.

    Its ok.

    Graphics are not very good but good enough to play.

    You play in a team of armies (starting with 4 units, Spears, Bowmen, cavallery, infantery).

    The system has level and skill progression. 

    Its a bit like the old warhammer games from ten years or more ago.

    Give it a try.

    Maybe you will have fun. :)

  • ikarrianikarrian Member Posts: 122

    Dont they break any Trade Mark by having so much content that is very related to Gamesworkshop? for example, Cavalery called " Cold ones" lizard riding dark elfs, Wich is exactly the case from Warhammer Fantasy.... Just a thought... Shame to see these poor guys get law sued to their ears after 2 weeks on market with the product.


    Besides, i would very much prefered to see this kind of game, in the hands of a company that does it the "real" way. And 100% Warhammer. instead of a cheap-ish copy-imitation?

    Been longing to see a proper Warhammer Fantasy strategy game that is nice and casual for years... Last one was Mark of chaos?

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