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RPvPvE: Iridescence

RailAventusRailAventus Gainsville, FLMember Posts: 1

Have a job that needs to get done but nobody wants to do it? Iridescence is in the wide ranged business of trading and contracting. Whether you need a small job or big job done, even if it's deemed 'low' or 'dirty' by others, we'll take it on. Just like the iridescence color of a seashell or the shine of a diamond, we change to what the beholder wishes us to be. Even with current struggles and the rise of the ancient dragons, life cannot go on without having day by day duties and jobs dealt with. For those who feel overburdened with such a weight, we dare to take on any job. From guarding a group of travelers through a treachouris path or being used as work horses to help with construction: we will change to fit your needs. Even if it is of more sinister intentions, it can be done. These jobs are monitored by one of the trinity, Rail. More humble and hard-working jobs are handled by Malrik. As for the third of the trinity, Zephel, his hands are dipped in both, for the leader has a strange way of coming around to getting things done.
We are most definitely recruiting
RPvPvE and WvW Guild
OOCly: Iridescence is a place for those of all races, professions, backgrounds, and alignment to come together to make friends, progress storylines, develop their characters, and of course, play the actual game. Whether you are wanting to have a job selling goods to other players, working at the tavern, contracting jobs from small to big, clean to dirty, guarding to killing: it all can be found here.

The Trinity:
The trinity consist of a mesmer named Zephel, a thief known as Rail, and a guardian known as Malrik. While walking along their own journey in life, the three of them crossed paths. Nearly instantly a bond was made and the three agreed to continue to fight to survive together and to help one another in any way possible, to build a brotherly bond that could never be broken.
OOCly: The trinity was created in order to have a balance of power. This way there is not one leader, but three. We decided this was the best way to run a guild, while of course, leading with the thoughts of the guild members in mind. We do not force our members to do anything in which they wouldn't want to do and anyone is welcome to join.
What kind of Roleplay will take place?
Not only will there be roleplay revolving around jobs via contracts, trading, and protection, but just as anyone does, there will be down time to kick back and relax. Reside in the house, take your seat in the tavern, or lay face down on the road. Wherever you please is a place to roleplay.
We will be hosting guild meetings every week. Rather than having boring ones, they will be quick and to the point that way we can hang out afterwards or part take in training.
Note: The meetings are not mandatory to attend. They are more for getting IC information out and a place for definite roleplay.
What is contracting? Contracting is the blend of RP and PvE
What is training? Training is the blend of RP and PvP
At any time during the week we can have something arise. As the group is ran by a trinity, any number of things are bound to happen.
?Age Restriction:
None! We ask that you be as literate as you possibly can, however, we do not expect you to be perfect. We are not elitists and grammar Nazis who will shove an axe down your throat for spelling something wrong.
All we ask is that you act maturely.
Time Zone:
The three of us leaders are all EST time. (North America) and will be scheduling things accordingly. Do note though that the schedule will most likely be friendly for those all the way over in PST time as well. Such as if we host meetings at 9pm, means it would be 6pm there. Not the middle of the night.
Who'd not fit:
If you are going around with the intent of giving a bad name to Iridescence, then you probably aren't a great fit for us. While we accept just about every kind of IC person you could think of, OOC rudeness and constant trash talking is not tolerated.
More information/Where to Register:
Of course, how could we recruit without a place to draw people to? Check out this website to join Iridescence*.
Direct link to forums: Here
*some versions of Internet Explorer may have issues with loading the site
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