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Guild Wars 2: Crafting Preview



  • zxcvbnm1234zxcvbnm1234 Member Posts: 92
    I think crafting is so simple. It has to be minigames like at EQ2.

  • kinkyJalepenokinkyJalepeno Member UncommonPosts: 1,043

    Originally posted by GamerFun

    Played the beta for this game, it's nothing new, its boring and I'm really getting tired of instanced battle grounds for PvP. This genre is doomed for failure since everyone copies everyone and this game is very stail and dull. Developers need to use their emaginations and come up with things that aren't used over and over. I definitely won't be getting this game.


    MMORPG's are a dissappointment these days, one flop after another.


    This is a crafting thread or didn't you notice??  Any chance you can offer pro's and con's of the system instead of idly flapping your mouth into the wind and muttering about PvP???

  • ulomeraulomera Member UncommonPosts: 4
    Leatherwork is hard to grow because don´t have skinnir hability and the mob´s drop leather is few . I think is important to put skinnir in option crafting with this we can get meat an leather too.
  • Arachneus1Arachneus1 Member UncommonPosts: 248
    What is interesting is you can right click any of your ingredients and "Send to Collectibles"  This throws it into the bank no matter where you are in the game.  Then any of your characters can go there and withdraw them to use in crafting.
  • semantikronsemantikron Member Posts: 258
    Maybe the troll was trying to start an onion garden.  Or maybe it takes a very specific and, uh, potent fertilizer to get onions to grow in the snow.

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  • SuraknarSuraknar Member UncommonPosts: 852

    Thanks for the Article, I did not touch Crafting during the Event, I was selling everything to NPC's to get some coin to try out different weapons for different classes Skills etc.

    Some interesting comments here too, I generally do not like Crafting in themeparks it is too limiting, requires you to go get this here or go hget that there, I'll prolly do like WoW and just be an opportunist casual gatherer (meaning I gather whatever I find when I find it without going out o my way specifically to gather something) selling the stuff in market or giving it to guild mates that that want to Craft, (even if I like crafting, but normally on Sandbox games where the ressources are generally rather available and it is not a hassle to get them).

    And by the way, NOT ALL crafting systems are a money Sink... I loved SWG and UO Crafting the most in the History of the Genre...all others (worse being Lineage II), were boring and a hassle. Seem like I'll pass on Crafting in GW2 as well.


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  • DaddyDarkDaddyDark Member Posts: 138

    Originally posted by Arachneus1

    What is interesting is you can right click any of your ingredients and "Send to Collectibles"  This throws it into the bank no matter where you are in the game.  Then any of your characters can go there and withdraw them to use in crafting.


    Well... that means I am too retarded to right-click ingredients :-) lol ... might solve some of my issues... still experimenting with reciepes is dumb and uninteresting... -( Well... it's beta anyway, but the crafting is obviosly one of the weakes points at present... why not to make the crafting enjoyable? We don't want to think about ingredients and micro-manage.... reading some of the other posts -  maybe crafting mini-games, quests and events would be a great idea...

  • TuchakaTuchaka Member UncommonPosts: 468
    if there is one shortcoming i came to this weekend it was crafting its not that its bad its just not on the same scale of innovation that other aspects of GW2 are, this is a very groundbreaking game and the crafting is pretty much what you have seen in other games with a few twists......people are not gonna waste mats experimenting they are gonna google the recipes after launch....
  • maccajnrmaccajnr Member UncommonPosts: 84

    Most of MMO cratfing nowdays seems pretty the same. With little variance from one or the other:

    Collect standard mats in the wild, buy other items from vendor, combine them and voila, new item crafted.

    I wished more effort was invested in crafting system. Former SWG is still the best example on how MMO crafting should be to be more exciting and appealing, then the usual boring crafting.

  • SilverminkSilvermink Member Posts: 289
    Originally posted by neokoga I'm not sure what the crafting cap is... but even if it took a couple days for every 50 levels of crafting... there is not a single dang thing wrong with that.


    Being what some of you call a "professional" crafter, this is a huge red flag for me. If everyone can be max crafting in just a few days, then who's going to buy the items you make? I also see a bottleneck in the mob dropped items being sold by players for much more than any crafted item would be worth. It also sounds like cash is a major limiting factor. As people get max adventure level and can farm large amounts of cash(or buy it from a website), they can then just buy max crafting very quickly.
  • grimmlibertygrimmliberty Member UncommonPosts: 41

    I only got  to level 19, but liked that I was able to Artifice a brace of pistols for my engineer that were 18% better than the ones I got through adventure. I might actually do crafting this time around.  



    Grimm Liberty

  • ErithielErithiel Member UncommonPosts: 8

    A suggestion for Arenanet: Discovery mode needs to include a random element, so it wont end up a Google exersize.

    When a profession is chosen, the character has some of the components of all recipies chosen by random.

    So Light Leather Chest Plate might require 

    2 common tier 1 ingrediences and 2 medium skins. 

    The common tier 1 ingredience will differ from player to player, and that way spoiler sites won't  break the system.

    The medium skins are "fixed" components, either made through subcombines or simply selected to make the combines sensible.


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