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Noobie class question

RadmuzRadmuz Member Posts: 85

I have noticed that when you arrive at your home town, or at least for me in Qeynos, that you are sent to the banker almost immediately. The banker asks you whether you are an adventurer or an artisan.

I know the difference between an adventurer and an artisan. It also appears that you can level up both a crafting side to your character and an adventurer side to your character. But I do not know if there are limits on this.

So what advantage is there for a crafting character in picking artisan when they are asked this question by the banker?



EDIT: Found the answer for myself. Evidently it makes no difference in how you are able to develop your character.


  • HashmanHashman Member Posts: 649

    Being a lvl 50 adventurer does not make you a better crafter, however it does make harvesting much much easier since few mobs will attack you. You dont get any bonuses from having higher power or stamina etc. Not quite as simple as that but I dont want to confuse you. :)

    I believe originally there were going to be separate classes which is why the banker asks you.

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