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Guild Wars 2: 5 Things People Are B*tching About



  • VoltuVoltu Member Posts: 2

    Also, I read some of you were gripeing about the cut scenes, and was wondering if those gripeing actually saw the 'Work in Progress' symbol on the top right hand corner of the cut scenes?  Guess what that means??  Thats right, Its Beta!!!

    Think of what the game was like this time and wait to check out the game on launch...  bet you see a better game!

  • RipclawRipclaw Member UncommonPosts: 190

    I loved GW2 beta weekend. Sure I had some good lag now and then and ran accross a few bugs. But other then that I had a blast. Enjoyed the combat, the events, the classes I played, all 3 playable races, the mobs, the story, the world, the art design, the music... It's all just really wonderful.

    Would like to play a Sylvari or Asura, but I also understand why we can't yet, hope you do to, and I'm still more then content with just playing with what they have now. However, the media is getting to play them now. There's a new article in the new GameInformer on the game and in it there's a part about what it's like to start and play a Sylvari in the game world. Maybe that means we'll get our chance soonish.

    I really enjoy the art design and graphics in this game. Yes, I even like the character models. Sure they could be better, but I still feel like I can make some really cool looking and fun characters. I do see why others would not like it at all, but the chances of them changing character models much at this point are pretty slim. Plus you just can't please everyone.

    "That said, players have raised the concern about overflows splitting up parties and making gaming together much more difficult. I know that I was thrown into an overflow when the rest of my group was in the main game world. Luckily when one person entered an instance, we all were dragged along so that was good. Still it’s a valid concern and one we hope is addressed."

    When I first heard of ANet's way of dealing with overflow vs. other games, i thought it was brilliant. But I suppose I never thought about it effecting grouping with others. At least the entering instance thing helps, but I can see it becoming a problem other wise. Like you said, hopefully they'll come up with something to change it. However on the plus side, it still beats the hell out of waiting in some long ass que, waiting for it to slowly drop from some ridiculously high number down to zero to finally get let in game. At least getting popped into an overflow server you can still get some side stuff done at that time.


    So far the only things that have bothered me the most with the game are rather minner. Those being the lack of control customization and the lag. Maybe they'll do better control options in the future, but if not it still wont keep me from playing. And as for the lag, I know it's beta and if all goes well it should get a lot better as we go along.

    I just love this game and can't wait to play more. :)

  • WarlyxWarlyx Member RarePosts: 3,047

    the overflow problem was the worst to me


    at least LE ME MOVE TO THE other group members overflow server!

    tossing ppl around isnt good...

    if group member goes to 1 overflow server and there is still spots , send me there too!


    otherwise the idea is cool , i can keep playing ^^ w/o losing anything :D

  • RoybeRoybe Member UncommonPosts: 420

    Originally posted by ZeGerman

    Originally posted by 4bsolute

    Originally posted by Samhael

    Guild cap = 100

    That's probably going to kill it for me right there.

    See ya on the other side :-D


    Alts and mains show up as the same entry in a guild in GW2 so actualy 100 people not 60 people and a bunch of alts.  If you need over a 100 people in your guild than either they are inactive or you arent really interacting with all of them.  Form alliances and sister guilds to deal with people of different level groups and time zones ive never been in a game that needed more than 100 active players in a guild.


    Yes, the guild cap is 100.  Most of the gaming sites/video sites that created a guild for their users had to create more than 1 guild, some as high as 3.  That being said, the devs have heard the need for more guild space...how they will implement that is of interest to me.  There was some discussion on Gamebreaker.TV of using guild currency to increase the number, i.e. if your guild is active enough to warrant more people then guild currency could be used to add spaces.  Most felt that using the cash shop to increase the number of a guilds slots was a bad idea.  Waiting to see if a) Anet will offer more slots, and b) if they do how the slots will be 'paid' for.

  • IllyssiaIllyssia Member UncommonPosts: 1,507

    Originally posted by Skuall

    the overflow problem was the worst to me


    at least LE ME MOVE TO THE other group members overflow server!

    tossing ppl around isnt good...

    if group member goes to 1 overflow server and there is still spots , send me there too!


    otherwise the idea is cool , i can keep playing ^^ w/o losing anything :D

    That's one thing ArenaNet probably should do focus on impoving the way their game servers handle large numbers of people. A lot of people suffered from unacceptable lag playing GW2, and it likely is a technical issue with the game.

  • RinkieRinkie Member Posts: 19
    I have to admit, I am stickler for cartoony like figures. The only game in all my years that did not have this character issue was Dark Age of Camelot. Nevertheless, DAoC has gone the way of gaming cheaters and a useless /appeal system.
    GW2, ok does to a point have cartoonish characters to a point.  I am NOT talking about the UI or the graphics in general – no, I am talking about the actual games Characters….  GW1 was the worst and if I would have played GW1 before I saw GW2, I would have said forget it, not even going to go there!
    As far as lag, I never had any. Everything was a smooth as glass even when I was in the thick of things.
    The only thing that really bugs me (more than the characters) are; one does not have a certain path to fallow. Well, they do but they do not know what path has to offer down the line as one gain levels.  I asked this question to GW2 and their response was that I had to ask around or play the game to find out… You mean I have to wait until level 11 when I can buy my book of spells to find out I was perusing down the wrong path since there was no guild to tell me (for example only since it’s quite obvious) what an Elementalits can do. This is a straight forward class. One may select fire, Earth, Water or Static Air. You know if everything involved with fire all one does is put everything in to fire. With all that mentioned – I asked, I would like to create a Ranger. What path do I take that will give me, “Hunter’s Call”? Keep in mind when one creates the Profession of the Ranger; one has three paths to choose from.
    I can never get a straight forward answer to my questions from GW2.  Oh well, I guess on our final beta test this 20th and 21st I will have to make all three Rangers to find out….
    As far as paying for extra slots for characters and what not… I was burned once by doing this with another game and I swore to myself I would never put in non-refundable money into virtual items again. But, that’s MHO. 
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